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Pricing built for locations of all sizes.

Starting at $2,199 per location

Includes hardware + 1 year software license.
Based on the number of cameras.

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“Fantastic software! The setup process has gone from close to an hour to just a few minutes.”

Tom G.
Property Administration, Bridge33 Capital

“Our users have quickly taken to using Spot for training our staff. It’s becoming an essential tool in scaling our operations.”

Mark Cassidy
CEO | Westside Children's Therapy

“Spot’s video surveillance has given us and our tenants peace-of-mind, and has already helped our tenants resolve personnel and QA issues.”

David Pokel
VP of Operations, Northland Cold Storage

Get more from your security cameras.

Supercharge your existing video surveillance without replacing cameras or making changes to your network or installing new wiring.


Resolve incidents and stop future losses, without spending tens of thousands on new hardware.


Save hours each week on your video retrieval workflows, without spending weeks to upgrade cameras.


Catch issues proactively with site visibility and quickly resolve customer issues to improve business health.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

How does your pricing work?

When you buy Spot AI, you pay a platform fee for the Spot AI NVR, and a camera license fee to access the Spot AI Dashboard. We don’t charge you for installation.

What does the software license include?

It includes continued access to the Spot AI Dashboard, remote installation support, ongoing human support, a 100% hardware warranty and regular feature updates.

How many cameras can each NVR support?

We have different NVR models that have different capacities, starting at 8 cameras. We work with locations that have as few as 8 cameras and as many as 200 cameras.

How much video does each NVR store?

Each Spot AI NVR stores video 24x7 for up to 30 days for its designed camera capacity. We also have options if you’re looking for higher retention periods.

Do I need my existing NVR if I have a Spot NVR?

No! Your Spot AI NVR stores your video 24x7 and can directly ingest video from your IP cameras without being dependent on your existing NVR.

What happens if I want to add more cameras?

As you add new cameras, our system automatically load-balances resources between all your Spot AI NVRs. You can purchase additional NVRs and plug it into the same network at any time.

What happens if I replace my cameras?

You just need to plug your new cameras into the same switch as the Spot AI NVR and onboard them onto the Spot
AI Dashboard. It just takes a few seconds!