Choosing a Camera Security System For Business

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Choosing a Camera Security System For Business

There is a never-ending list of responsibilities for IT leaders today. From office-related tasks to meetings with clients, suppliers, and vendors, being in two places at once can be impossible—unless you have a camera security system for your business grounds. Recent statistics show an increasing adoption of these business camera security systems due to technological advancements. This means many business managers are taking it upon themselves to protect their business premises, employees, inventory, and customers.

Today, from retail stores and restaurants, to public spaces and schools, to warehouses and manufacturing plants, you'll notice that there are CCTV cameras everywhere. Most of these cameras operate 24/7 to deter criminal activity and to ensure safety and security of people and buildings. Some businesses have taken it a step further by installing comprehensive commercial security camera systems that include video analytics software and data storage. In the past, these systems were seen as nice-to-have, but now they are considered need-to-have because they help identify potential threats and respond quickly before they escalate.

These commercial systems also offer cloud-based security camera solutions for businesses with multiple locations. Traditional security camera systems used to store footage on physical devices, but cloud-based services have revolutionized the industry. With cloud-based systems, you can view your footage from multiple devices and even access live footage. Whether you're on vacation or at home at night, checking your live feed is still possible. Additionally, cloud systems require less maintenance as they can install firmware and software updates automatically. So once you find the security systems that work for your business, you're good to go.

The AI revolution has impacted various industries by improving services, and the security cameras industry is no exception. AI-integrated cameras have emerged, offering features like person detection that can identify people in restricted areas and provide real-time alerts. Our company, Spot AI, provides the best camera system for businesses looking to embrace this new technology. Our cameras are compatible with all existing camera brands and require minimal IT work to get started.

Read on to learn more about Spot AI cameras, how to install them, and the features of reliable video security solutions.

Security cameras for business installation

We've mentioned how our Spot AI business security camera systems are the best for businesses. Forbes even named us as one of the top 100 cloud companies, highlighting our expertise in providing cloud security cameras for business installations. Our installation process is fast, simple, and requires minimal IT work or specialized knowledge.

Once you've ordered your new camera system from our stores (shipping usually takes two days and is available nationwide), it's time to install the system. Spot AI systems are the easiest camera systems to install. It's as simple as plug and play, similar to installing a toaster. You just need to make two connections—one at the Ethernet port, which should be the same switch as your existing cameras, and the other at the power port. After that, let Spot Genius take care of the rest.

Our Spot Genius feature can recognize cameras from similar manufacturers and obtain their credentials. It can automatically authenticate and connect all your cameras using these credentials. All you need to do is follow the Spot Genius Wizard as it analyzes your network. Once it gives you a green light on connectivity, it will provide step-by-step guidance on how to complete the installation. With Spot Genius, you can add all cameras at all locations in less than 10 minutes without needing to be on-site.

Spot AI's easy-to-install camera system supports all camera brands and can transform any existing cameras into intelligent cameras. And if you need new cameras, we'll provide them at no additional cost. Shortly after installation, you'll be able to detect all cameras on your network, add users, and start viewing all locations from one intuitive dashboard.

Best security cameras for business

Having the best commercial security cameras for your business is crucial for success. After all, how can you expect to be profitable if you leave all your assets unprotected? Before choosing the best security cameras for your business needs, you need to understand factors like your business's size and the level of security required. For example, if you're still operating a small startup business, consider choosing a small business security camera. You should also consider the type of footage and level of detail you require.

While modern cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it's important to consider features like housing and mounting when looking for an outdoor security camera system for your business. Additionally, if your business is planning to expand or open new branches, you'll need the best security cameras for multiple locations. Regardless of your business needs, there are certain features you should look for in a security camera system for your business:

  • Easy to set up and maintain - Look for security cameras with user-friendly interfaces that can be installed quickly. Time is money, so don't spend the whole day installing a new security system. Additionally, choose a camera security system solution that has low regular maintenance costs.
  • Employs the latest technology - Technological advancements have a positive impact on industries. Ensure your preferred camera system solution provides products with the latest technology. AI integration is one example of a current trend. New AI-integrated camera systems can perform functions like lensless photography and subject detection autofocus, which were not available in traditional cameras.
  • High resolution and wide field of view - A good outdoor security camera system for business should have a high resolution of at least 5 MP (2880 X 1620) to capture detailed and clear images. The cameras should also have a wide field of view to monitor larger areas, especially outdoors. Look for cameras with a horizontal angle of 112.9°, a diagonal angle of 121.2°, and a vertical angle of 59.1°.

Consider these factors when choosing security cameras and conduct thorough research to ensure you are satisfied with the products you select. It's also crucial to discuss the required budget for the new system with your security consultant. Remember that higher prices don't always mean better quality.

Finding the best video security solution

If your business is considering a video security solution, you may be wondering how their systems will benefit you. Will their systems effectively and affordably improve your building's security? Will their video management system and video surveillance software meet the security needs of your business, now and in the future? Here are some of the benefits of video surveillance to keep in mind when implementing a camera system for your business:

  • Increased safety and security - Businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes, according to statistics. Security systems act as strong deterrents to burglaries because clear videos from surveillance systems can be used as evidence in court. Additionally, video surveillance systems don't require extra infrastructure to function, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Real-time monitoring - Video surveillance systems allow for remote real-time monitoring. Whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere in the world, you can monitor incidents at your workplace. Real-time monitoring through live footage provides unbiased evidence, making it possible to catch perpetrators in the act and punish them with reliable evidence.
  • Improved employee productivity - Small businesses like workshops and restaurants can benefit from security cameras by increasing employee productivity. When employees know they are being watched, they tend to avoid slacking off. Additionally, the duties of supervisors are simplified as they can focus on other productive activities.
  • Helps in avoiding false claims and liability issues - The last thing you need is a lawsuit from employees who fake slip-and-fall injuries. Video surveillance cameras are excellent for deterring crimes like these. Availability of video evidence provides accurate and reliable records of incidents involving employees. This makes it impossible for them to make false claims.
  • Saves money on security costs - Without video surveillance, your business would be forced to hire security personnel for security purposes. Paying for their services around the clock can be costly. However, you can avoid these additional costs when you have video surveillance cameras installed in the correct spots.
  • Ensures business regulatory compliance - Based on your business industry, you may have to install video surveillance cameras to stay compliant with your industry's laws and regulations. By using NDAA-compliant video surveillance, your business can meet all regulatory requirements. This also aids in avoiding potential legal issues.

These are some of the benefits of video surveillance systems offered by most video security solutions. Therefore, consider these advantages when installing new security cameras. At Spot AI, our cloud video security system offers these benefits and more. Our Intelligent Video Recorders (IVR) are the first of their kind and are powered by the most advanced AI processors in the industry. With Spot AI, you can enjoy unlimited and fast cloud backup necessary for 24/7 surveillance.

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