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A massive shift is underway in what winning companies demand from video footage.

In fast-moving work environments, it has become more critical than ever to know what’s happening now. Across industries, winning companies are using video footage as the ultimate data source to detect and diagnose problems, and take corrective action.



👇 Scrub to see VI in action

An easy-to-use AI camera system, built for you

Here’s how Spot changes the game for your team


From fire-fighter to guide. Strategize faster.


Stop watching grass grow. Proactively improve security.


Ditch clipboards and cones. Prevent accidents now.


Rise above being an equipment buyer. Delight your users.

“After setting up Spot, we realized we should have invested in this sooner.”

Craig Dean
CEO and President, Dean Technology

“I start and end my day looking at all my sites on Spot.”

Ben Jones
CEO, Ohi

“Spot AI has helped our warehouse leaders improve operational visibility.”

Chris Erikson
Head of IT, Rahr Malting

What does this actually look like?


Easily access your video footage from any device, anywhere

Securely access video footage without worrying about VPNs and static IP addresses. Reliably pull up video the very minute you need it.


Leverage AI to effortlessly investigate incidents

Powerful filters allow you to quickly isolate relevant footage even with limited information. Spend less time searching and more time on resolution.


Seamlessly collaborate to resolve incidents quickly

Facebook-like collaboration features allow you to securely share the video with whoever, needs to see it. Avoid the pain of thumb drives and back-and-forth emails.


Add any number of locations, cameras and users

Spot is fully managed system that you can set and forget. Deploy without undertaking a cumbersome project. And never worry with missing video footage again.

Spot is changing the way these businesses operate

G2 Crowd Reviews

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Solved a 15-year problem for us.

Executive Restaurant Sponsor

“Extremely simple. Plug and play at its finest.”

Steven D.

Very quick and easy to find footage.

Tom G.
Property Administrator

Unlock the power of video for your business

Try Spot free for 15 days and see the magic for yourself.

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