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The camera system you’ve always wanted.

Your camera system should be built for how you use video footage today, not in 1995. We couldn’t find one, so we built it ourselves.

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Good cameras shouldn’t cost the moon. So we made them free.

Own high-resolution PoE cameras for $0. (No, that’s not a typo.) Maximize camera coverage without stretching your budget.

  • 5-megapixel resolution
  • Weatherproof: IP66 rated
  • 66-foot IR range
  • 105° field of view

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It’s about time someone reinvented the NVR.

Turbocharged hardware. Installs in 10 minutes. Get the convenience of the cloud storage.

  • Built for AI with bleeding-edge AI processors
  • 24/7 local storage with unlimited cloud backup
  • A firewall for your cameras with Zero Trust Security
  • Elastically scalable storage with built-in load balancing

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Powerful software that anyone can use.

Instantly get a window into your operations on a YouTube-like dashboard — from any device, anywhere.

  • AI filters and intuitive video scrubbing to boil down hours of footage into minutes
  • Facebook-like collaboration features to rapidly resolve issues
  • Intelligent SMS/email alerts so you always know what’s happening
  • Video walls, so you can see any cameras side-by-side, on any screen

“Finding footage took us days and days. But with Spot AI, we can find footage in minutes.”

David Pokel
Co-Owner and VP Operations, Northland Cold Storage

“Managing video surveillance has been much easier despite a growing portfolio.”

Arshad Sultan
VP of Property Management, Bridge33 Capital

“Users are able to pull all the video footage and solve claims by themselves.”

Shawn Thobe
Director of IT, Cheeseman Transport

Set it and forget it

Spot AI is a fully self-managed system that deploys instantly, so you can say goodbye to complex setups and have more time to focus on everything else.

10-minute turnkey setup: Instantly add cameras, locations and users.

Stay on the cutting edge with automatic software and hardware updates.

Proactive system health monitoring. Never deal with missing footage again.

Proactive support and 100% hardware warranty.

What you can do with Spot AI

Get remote

Discover what’s really going on in your operations.

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Resolve incidents rapidly

Save hours troubleshooting safety, security and ops issues.

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Unify your video surveillance

Stop struggling with multiple systems.

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Free 2-day shipping + 10-minute install + 24/7 human support