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The AI assistant movement is here. Discover video intelligence that works for you and learns from you.

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We’re entering an era of coachable AI

Like ChatGPT, our latest innovation improves with interaction — by design.

Powered by next-gen, multi-faceted foundation models, we’re bringing you AI that has a holistic understanding of your space, built directly into the Spot AI platform.

Introducing AI Copilot

AI Copilot is your AI assistant for cameras, working with you to enhance the security, safety, and efficiency of your organization.

Understand everything

AI Copilot shows you everything it understands: a map of all objects in a scene.

Point-and-click workflows

Everyone in your organization is empowered to create seamless workflows, with a simple click.

Coach your AI

Provide feedback to tailor your experience. AI Copilot learns and gets smarter with interaction.

Unlock more value from video. The possibilities are endless with AI Copilot.

Resolve incidents faster

Rapidly review footage. Click on a stolen object and search for people interacting with it to get relevant video in seconds.

Optimize throughput

Understand car wash speed of operations. Click on a lane and prompt insights on vehicle idle time to easily uncover inefficiencies.

Maximize safety

Avoid OSHA fines. Click on a restricted area to set up alerts on forklift boundary violations, preventing safety incidents.

Let AI Copilot help you drive more ROI from your video.

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