Introducing AI Copilot 1.1: Your new AI assistant for cameras

AI innovation is moving exponentially. We’re entering an era of coachable AI that can improve our quality of life and make everyday tasks easier. Spot AI is at the forefront of this movement, and we’re excited to deliver next-gen AI for cameras that works for you and learns from you — with AI Copilot.


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Today, we’re on the cusp of a major technology shift where AI is able to function similarly to a live and helpful assistant. New innovations like ChatGPT can instantly summarize results from the internet and deliver answers tailored to our interests. Chatbots have revolutionized customer support. Tools like Jasper have accelerated content and campaign creation for marketers. The world is embracing AI.

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We’re excited to announce our latest innovation, AI Copilot 1.1, an emerging technology that intersects today’s AI assistant era with learnings from thousands of our valued users. AI Copilot is your camera AI assistant, working with you to revamp the security, safety, and efficiency of your organization.

AI Copilot immerses itself in your physical environment, actively indexing it and getting a holistic understanding of your space regardless of industry.

Understand everything

AI Copilot understands entire scenes, enabling new use cases tailored to your business. It will show you everything it understands: a map of all objects in the scene

Point-and-click workflows

AI Copilot empowers anyone in your organization to seamlessly initiate actions or derive business insights with a simple click

Coach your AI

AI Copilot will evolve with every piece of feedback and new concept you teach it, refining itself to better cater to your distinct business challenges

Also, Spot Copilot is always secure, always private. AI Copilot learns, while respecting the privacy and sanctity of your business's private video data.

Learn more about our AI Camera System in an upcoming webinar.

Workflows and use cases

AI Copilot is tuned on a broad set of industries to be widely applicable across domains. Here is some inspiration of what you might easily and intuitively accomplish with AI Copilot. 

Rapid Footage Review: Easily navigate critical incidents. Click on a backpack in AI Copilot to swiftly search for person interactions on that backpack, getting to relevant video in seconds.

Shrinkage Control: Boost theft deterrence. Click on a cash register in AI Copilot to immediately craft people presence insights around it, understanding staff presence and limiting loss. 

Throughput Optimization: Understand car wash speed of operations. Click on a car wash pavement in AI Copilot to build vehicle idle time insights on your lanes, proactively alerting on standstills and ensuring customer satisfaction and expected revenue across locations.

Worker Safety: Avoid OSHA fines and maximize productivity. Click on a restricted area in AI Copilot to set alerts on forklift boundary violations in that area, fortifying safety while optimizing warehouse orchestration.

Teaching AI Copilot

AI Copilot is designed to evolve by learning from humans. Systems like ChatGPT and AI Copilot thrive on interaction. Recognizing that every scenario and physical space is unique, these systems require guidance and feedback to finely tune their behavior. This isn't a limitation; it's a core design principle. 

Understanding and embracing its dynamic nature, you ensure optimal performance and maximum ROI for your business. The more you teach and adapt it to your distinct environment, the more understanding it gains of your physical space. In turn, it becomes more aligned to your business goals and workflows.

Learn how AI Copilot can help you drive more ROI from your video

At Spot AI, we’re completely reimagining the way users interact with video through the power of AI. We’re paving the way for the AI Assistant era for cameras — and with AI Copilot 1.1, we’re just getting started. 

Learn more about Spot AI today to see how our technology can transform your organization’s security and operations.

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