Powerful software, proven to improve your operations.

Built for everyone in every business.

Explore dashboard

See, search and share your footage.

See all your cameras from any device, anywhere.

Video Wall

See all your locations live from any device on a single dashboard to know exactly what’s happening now.

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People Presence and Search

Determine when people are present at specific locations or identify and follow specific persons of interest with advanced people search.


Draw Smart Zones to know when there’s a motion event or people are present in a specific area to always be prepared for any situation day or night.

Collaborate with your video footage.


Collaborate and let your team, customers, and other parties know where damage may have occurred or an incident took place to quickly resolve incidents or claims.

Share Video Footage

Easily share your video footage via text message or email with whoever you need.

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Here’s what else you get

Unlimited cloud backup of saved clips

Role-based access control

Dedicated onboarding, training and support

Unlimited users

Automatic software updates every two weeks


Your business at
your fingertips

Our customers are raving about Video Intelligence

Physical Security
Video Surveillance

“We have excellent visibility of all three of our warehouses on one platform. The ability to set alerts and instantly view video has increased our security 110%.”

“Spot AI allowed us to keep our existing cameras while adding search and monitoring features that we did not have, all without a significant capital investment.”

Deliver meaningful insights with state of the art AI.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

Why do I only pay for the dashboard and not the cameras?

The power of video footage is tied to the power of great software, not hardware. With great software, you should be able to use any camera you want at a price that makes sense. We don't believe in charging our customers insanely high prices for antiquated hardware. Use our cameras or any that you want to see the power of video intelligence.

How many users can I add?

As many as you'd like! Spot AI doesn't charge based on users. Our goal is to provide you all of the tools needed for you and your team to operate your business with easy to use visual context.

Will your team train us on how to use the dashboard?

Of course! Spot AI provides white glove training, onboarding, and ongoing support to all of our customers. Within minutes of your training, you'll be a pro at using the Spot AI Camera System!


Set up in minutes.

Get the power of local storage + the benefits of the cloud.

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Our favorite sidekick.

Looking for new cameras? Own ours for free with software license.

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Spot AI IP Cameras

2-day shipping

Available coast-to-coast. Get your new camera system, fast.

10-minute setup

Spot Genius auto-discovers cameras on your network.

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Live support


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