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Pricing built to fit your business.

With no-cost cameras and dedicated support, we help get you up and running as soon as possible. Start making smarter, faster decisions with your video footage.

So much is included with Spot AI. Even cameras.

Spot AI transforms your old clunky system from the moment you plug it in. Why pay more?
Here’s what you get with Spot AI:
24/7 local storage
Unlimited cloud backup
Unlimited users
Automatic software updates
Dedicated onboarding, training, support
100% warranty
Free cameras
Unlike other camera systems, Spot AI never charges for hardware. That’s just not our style.

Simple pricing that scales with you. Pay monthly or annually.

Starting at $1,500 per location per year
1 location
4 cameras
3 locations
20 cameras
10 locations
200+ cameras

Ready to get more from your camera system?

Ready to see what’s actually going on across your business?

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

How does your pricing work?

Spot AI's pricing is a recurring license based on the number of camera feeds, days of storage, and term.

What does the license include?

It includes continued access to the Spot AI Dashboard, remote installation support, ongoing human support, a 100% hardware warranty and regular feature updates.

Do I need my existing NVR if I have a Spot NVR?

No! Your Spot AI NVR stores your video 24x7 and can directly ingest video from your IP cameras without being dependent on your existing NVR.

What happens if I want to replace my current cameras with Spot AI cameras?

You just need to plug your new cameras into the same switch as the Spot AI NVR and onboard them onto the Spot
AI Dashboard. It just takes a few seconds!

What happens if I want to add more cameras?

As you add new cameras, our system automatically load-balances resources between all your Spot AI NVRs. You can purchase additional NVRs and plug it into the same network at any time.

“Once you have a system that actually works, you will want to add cameras to have more visibility into what’s going on. Spot AI makes that incredibly easy.”

Craig Dean
CEO and President, Dean Technology

“Spot’s video surveillance has given us and our tenants peace-of-mind, and has already helped our tenants resolve personnel and QA issues.”

David Pokel
VP of Operations, Northland Cold Storage

“Since getting Spot AI, there have been dramatic changes in the quality of the footage and the time we’ve saved just looking through footage.”

Jason Cielen
CFO, Choice Labs