improve worker safety & training

Ensure your team is prepared for any situation.

Take your worker and safety training to the next level.

Create safer working environments.

Determine where and when safety incidents occurred

Easily scrub video and draw zones to be able to see when an accident or issue occurs and resolve it quickly.

Train your team with annotated video footage

Easily navigate trainings by annotating your video footage with real-life situations.

Unlimited team members and RBAC 2.0

Bring your entire team from across the organisation to learn together with Role Based Access Control 2.0

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Start being proactive.

Video walls, on any screen

Turn any screen into a video wall with Spotcast, meaning you have more ways to actively view your camera footage.

SMS and Email alerts and digests

Receive and act on new information instantly to minimize losses.

Live camera status and health alerts

Never miss video footage and always know how your cameras are operating.


“Managing security has been much easier despite a growing portfolio.”

How Bridge33 leverages Spot AI to standardise video surveillance across existing and new assets.

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