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See all your locations from anywhere.

All your sites visible from any device, whenever you want. No matter what.

Instantly access cameras across locations on one dashboard.

Built with security in mind

Get secure access to your video footage. Always.

Compatible with any browser

Mobile, tablet, or desktop. View your video footage however you want.

Unlimited users and concurrent access

Add as many users as you want and have permission levels per user, department, or however you'd like.

Never be left in the dark with your video footage again.

create an alert modal with video wall streaming cloud video surveillance footage
Fast, intuitive interface

Quickly search through all of your video footage in an easy to use dashboard.

Video walls, on any screen

See cameras side-by-side, rotate through cameras, and be able to stream to external screens with Spotcast.

Always be in the know

SMS and email alerts let you know when an unusual event occurs.

Get started with video intelligence today.

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Start being proactive.

Video walls, on any screen

Turn any screen into a video wall with Spotcast, meaning you have more ways to actively view your camera footage.

SMS alerts and digest

Receive and act on new information instantly to minimize losses.

Live camera status and health alerts

Never miss video footage and always know how your cameras are operating.

zone based motion and time filters activated on cloud video surveillance stream

Ben Jones | CEO @Ohi

“I start and end my day looking at my site on Spot AI.”

How Ohi leverage Spot AI's dashboard to manage warehouses.

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