unify your video surveillance

Instantly upgrade your existing + new locations to a single platform.

Stop spending hours each week managing a sprawl of different systems.

10 minute setup, with any network.

Automatic setup Genius

Automatically detects and ingests sources of video so you’re not struggling with configurations.

Login with any browser

No need to install and maintain native apps on any device.

Built-in full, end-to-end encryption

Viewing secured by 128-bit AES, so you don’t need VPNs.


Private, local storage only streams over uplink when remotely viewing.

Delight your users with modern capabilities.

One-click SSO / SAML Integration:

Instantly login with your work email, and remember one password less.

Powerful video search

Save hours finding clips with Zone Based Filters and Video Scrub.

Video walls, on any screen

See cameras across locations side-by-side, on any phone, laptop or TV.

Video library with cloud backup

Save, share, download and backup clips from anywhere.

Curious about what it actually looks like?

See what Spot AI's Dashboard looks like without talking to a sales rep.

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Effortlessly manage and scale.

Role-based access control

Manage user-level camera and feature access to align with your company policies.

Camera health alerts and diagnostics

Detect and root cause issues from camera to client, and take corrective action.

Instantly scalable and elastic

Automatic load balancing when you add cameras, so you can scale seamlessly.

Automated software updates

Every few weeks, without system downtime, so your system keeps getting better.

Arshad Sultan | VP of Property Management @ Bridge33

“Managing security has been much easier despite a growing portfolio.”

How Bridge33 leverages Spot AI to standardize video surveillance across existing and new assets.

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Your users will be verrrrry happy.

One dashboard for all your locations

No need to maintain multiple logins and passwords

SMS and E-mail alerts for unusual events

Never miss an event you need to know about

Instant and secure video sharing links

Stop struggling with USB thumb drives

Video annotation and comments

Collaborate and resolve incidents faster together

In-app tutorials and support

Immediately get answers to your questions

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