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Enhance Security with an AI Camera System

When used properly, an AI camera system can provide a major security enhancement to your overall business operation. However, you likely have some important questions about these commercial security camera systems. Chief among them: What are the features of AI security cameras? And just what is an AI camera system?

An AI camera system should enhance the security of your business or organization. It should come with automated features that make it easy to detect certain items, search existing footage, and ensure that appropriate features can be enhanced and upgraded.

Different camera systems work differently. However, the features of our AI security cameras include:

  • Searchability and insights: A camera system is only useful if you can easily scan existing footage. You want a smart system that allows you to search relevant dates and times for specific features, like when a person is present, or cameras detect movement. Furthermore, there may be times you need insights to help you determine features, like the last time a person was present or how often someone was in a physical space.
  • Actionable dashboard: At Spot AI, we believe in turning your footage into actions. Our dashboard allows you one spot to manage all security-related action, turning your footage into data and helping you identify trouble spots. You can use the dashboard to access all camera footage, search footage, and easily create comprehensive views about how your camera system works and where you may need to make improvements. You can also engage the dashboard to create reports from your recorded data.
  • Easy deployment: Like every other business, you are busy, and the demands on your time can be almost overwhelming. That's why our system offers two-day delivery, and you can complete installation in as little as ten minutes.
  • High quality: We offer the highest resolution cameras with 5MP and up to 16x digital zoom. This system then seamlessly integrates into our dashboard, enabling you to control the system from anywhere.
  • Access the footage from customizable locations: Security footage is highly sensitive, and you may need to access the footage from an array of locations. We offer a model of access that gives you maximum flexibility. You can access your security footage from the cloud, a local source, or via our mobile app.
  • Constant updates: We've become leaders in AI camera systems because we work to ensure our customers have the latest technology. That's why we constantly update our system to ensure our customers benefit from the latest technological advances. Recent examples include comparative dashboards, case permissions, and tracking specific vehicles, just to name a few!

More to the point, a robust AI camera system shouldn't be specific to just one camera, nor should it box you into using a specific brand. If you like your current camera, keep it and use Spot AI on your existing system. Need more cameras? We can help and offer premium IP cameras at no extra cost to you. Indeed, our cameras come with the use of our system.

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Using AI Security Systems

These days, you can't turn on the news without hearing about the benefits and promise of artificial intelligence to help countless industries. Indeed, AI security systems are becoming more and more popular. The popularity of these systems makes sense: Artificial intelligence in surveillance has a far larger array of potential ways to protect your business, assets, employees, and customers than alternative live security camera monitoring services.

This reality should trigger a broader question: How is artificial intelligence changing security? What sort of features should the best AI security camera and security systems have?

First and foremost, the best AI security camera minimizes the need for human intervention and human error. It does this by automatically detecting things that are happening that should not, such as machinery is on or a person accessing a restricted space. These insights can reduce the burden on your staff, allowing you to redeploy your resources towards more productive areas that AI can't manage. Furthermore, you should be able to customize your cameras to pay more attention to certain areas, allowing you to more efficiently deploy technological and human resources.

Next, you need a system that scales. On the one hand, you may need a few cameras - one in your store, one just outside the main entrance, and one in the rear. On the other hand, you may need dozens of cameras that each require different and customizable programming. That system should be adjustable and viewable from one dashboard and point you in the right direction when identifying security risks. The automated nature of such a scalable system should know what types of data present a security risk and how to respond accordingly.

Finally, you'll need alerts that fit your business needs. These include:

  • Absence and presence alerts can detect when a specific person is present and when a person is missing.
  • Object or license detection that can identify specific actions, places, people, or things.
  • Automated and algorithm-based monitoring that doesn't only integrate with the security system. These AI systems will also work with smart locks or other smart monitoring tools when configured correctly.

Our entire system is built around the idea that AI security systems should augment video intelligence. Video intelligence doesn't just refer to the type of information gleaned from security systems. Instead, it specifically refers to data and how artificial intelligence in surveillance can help you generate the data you need to be useful and actionable.

Data generated from live security camera monitoring services should help you in multiple ways:

  • Security footage should be generated from network video recording (NVR) devices and processed via appropriately configured software.
  • You should then be able to use generative AI on this data. Generative AI is somewhat similar to programs like ChatGPT: You should be able to enter certain queries ("Find me all the license plates from New Jersey" or "How many people were in my store from 1:00 - 2:00 a.m.?"). In the future, AI-augmented security may be able to prevent incidents by using algorithms to determine when a customer is engaging in risky or dangerous behavior.
  • These capabilities must be layered into any video system, thus enabling business owners to properly use AI-based insights regardless of the technological platforms they use.

Finding the best AI Security Camera System

If you run a business, you deserve the best AI security camera system on the market today. You cannot afford to have an artificial intelligence camera system that overpromises, overcharges, and underdelivers.

At Spot AI, we're deeply proud to offer you an AI surveillance system that is heads and shoulders above the competition.

First, as you are no doubt aware, our AI-based system can complete various actions that traditional systems simply cannot manage. These include the following: 

VMS Advantages

A Video Management System (VMS) is responsible for completely managing and controlling your security footage. Traditional dashboards can be hit or miss, depending on their technological prowess. These systems are critical, as they enable central-based software modules that ensure staff can manage security features from one central location.

An AI surveillance system is digital-based, enabling access from anywhere. It can also be managed with an AI system with all the features mentioned above. These AI-based products ensure you can easily process data, run searches, and download information from anywhere. Such a system has capabilities that traditional, analog-based systems cannot match.

NVR vs. IVR Camera System

Most security systems run on an NVR camera system. NVR is short for Network Video Recorder, and this system sends captured audio and video to a recorder, where it can be accessed and stored at a later date. While the NVR system has unquestionably long existed in the security world, its usefulness has been eclipsed by the IVR or Intelligent Video Recorder. The IVR is an invention of Spot AI. In addition to managing all of the recording features of an NVR, an IVR can also process and retrieve data that you can access and manage later. You can add unlimited feeds and locations, enabling you to create a scaled system that suits your needs.


Security is obviously paramount to your business — after all, that's why you are interested in purchasing a security system in the first place. However, for your security to be effective, your AI security system has to be secure itself. Appropriate security measures protect your customers, staff, and businesses. For some industries, security is absolutely necessary to ensure appropriate compliance with certain industry standards, like HIPAA.

Our security features contain a perfect amalgamation of customizable access and security. On the one hand, you can customize who on your staff has access to what features and cameras. On the other hand, our system comes with robust security protection options, including encrypted data, multi-factor authentication, and specific certifications you may require. 

The Latest Technology

An AI-based system has to have the latest technology to be competitive. Our cameras and recording software offer IVR systems and artificial intelligence with generative capabilities. We also blend these advances with an easy-to-manage dashboard, thus ensuring that everyone on your team can properly access data and manage security. These features ensure you can automatically analyze footage, protect your business, and save money. We're also not content to rest on our laurels. Instead, we are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest features and advances, passing along those benefits to you.