What is a cloud camera system?

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What is a cloud camera system?

Cloud camera systems help organizations improve security, increase safety, and drive efficiency. A cloud camera system works by taking your security feeds and putting them in the cloud so that you have access to them when you need the footage - anytime, anywhere.

Cloud camera systems are only as powerful as the operating system that supports them. Artificial Intelligence now provides another layer for cloud camera systems. Modern systems allow you to easily access any of the footage recorded by your security system, ensuring that you can access any camera, any footage, at any time. It also can greatly shorten the time you search for footage; as such, a system enables you to type in queries and find related footage. Finally, these systems also come with specific modules — like person or vehicle detection — that enable you to quickly scan an area for security risks and productivity challenges.

When it comes to the use cases of this system, the sky is the limit. A cloud camera system will enable you to monitor a cash register, back room, warehouse, outdoor space, or more. You can then easily review footage for incidents, saving you time and allowing you to reprogram your staff to more productive uses.

The importance of the cloud component cannot be understated.

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Understanding cloud video surveillance

A cloud recording security camera and cloud video surveillance have many benefits that other local systems simply lack. This list of extensive benefits includes:

  • Providing businesses with major enhancements to security and safety. By creating a system that can be monitored from anywhere — and one that world-class Artificial Intelligence supports — you can ensure your business is constantly supervised. You can also create custom alerts that can alert you or law enforcement of any specific incidents. This type of system ensures faster response time and enhanced safety.
  • Increased efficiencies. A commercial security camera system doesn't just protect your team from security risks but also ensures that your security camera cloud storage can be accessed at any time, from any place. This reality allows you to detect inefficiencies and alert your staff that someone is watching them at all times. More often than not, the mere presence of a cloud-based security system can motivate staff.
  • Cloud storage allows organizations to access their clips from anywhere. This can occur from any location where you have access to the cloud, thus ensuring that monitoring and analysis can be done from any location at any time. It is also cheaper, more effective, and more reliable than regular-based security footage.

This cloud-based approach not only ensures that you can always review your footage but also allows you to create a system that can give you meaningful insights by quickly compiling a report. You can create reports that alert you when people are in an area, when they aren't, and where exactly they are. You can even fold in additional modules, like weapons detection or facial recognition.

Systems like Spot AI are camera-agnostic. What does this mean? If you like your existing cameras, you can keep them: There is never a need to switch to new camera systems. Don't like your camera? No problem. Spot AI can provide you with premium IP cameras at no additional cost. These aren't cheap cameras, either: They come with 5MP and 16x digital zoom, enabling you to get the best technological access to an array of camera footage.

Finally, cloud-based video surveillance allows you to automate workflows. You can receive customized alerts and build customized reports for specific events, enabling you to get an efficient leg-up on any safety or efficiency challenges. You can also deploy filters if you are looking for specific people, places, vehicles, or events.

In other words, cloud-based video storage is highly customizable. The sky is truly the limit.

Cloud based security cameras

The core of any cloud camera app is ensuring you use the best security cameras for businesses. Cloud-based security cameras are most impactful when they can seamlessly merge with any cloud system. As such, there are many use cases for why these cloud-based security cameras are so important.

  • Cloud-based security cameras can be placed inside or outside. By placing them at strategic locations, you can maximize the benefits of these cameras. You can also make them extremely visible, ensuring your staff and customers know they are being recorded.
  • Cloud-based systems are device-agnostic. Any modern camera should be able to be merged with our system and ensure you can record and monitor footage.
  • You can deploy cameras in highly sensitive areas and program them to give you specific alerts, enhancing security protection at these critical locations.
  • Cloud cameras can often be tied into other security devices, including lighting and security alerts to law enforcement. As such, cloud cameras can be the first in a series of multi-pronged efforts designed to protect your business.

Cloud-based outdoor security cameras can easily be reconfigured for your specific business needs. By using Spot AI's cloud-based system, you can quickly and easily place cameras so that they give you the maximum benefit. You can also use our analytics to better determine where blind spots exist and how you can adjust your entire system to better mitigate those challenges.

However, you can only get the most out of the best cloud-based security cameras for businesses if you set up your system the right way. At Spot AI, we get that. We make setting up your security cameras as easy as possible, essentially creating a "plug and play" system that enables you to plug your cameras into the appropriate location and immediately begin monitoring.

Once your cameras are set up, you can begin monitoring. More to the point, all cameras — regardless of whether you use ours or another camera system — are merged into a single app. You can consolidate your cameras into one dashboard and immediately begin to search for footage while also optimizing your camera location.

These various benefits — including increased security, visibility, and efficiency — enable Spot AI to help any sort of commercial, governmental, or manufacturing business.

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Benefits of cloud security

As noted above, the benefits of cloud security allow you to achieve numerous business objectives that you simply would not be able to acquire otherwise. By taking the time to invest in the best cloud-based video surveillance system, you can obtain a video management system, analytics, and intelligence that would not otherwise be possible to acquire. 

When you get right down to it, the benefits of a cloud video system are extensive.

The cloud video system comes with cloud-based analytics. This gives you extensive security tools, allowing you to quickly find events, gain access to extensive storage, and search for incidents using an AI-informed system that gives you a chance to find what you are looking for.

That being said, cloud video analytics are about so much more than just what is available at this exact moment. A cloud-based system can also help you find what is available in the future. The field of cloud security is rapidly changing. As such, what is available today may pale in comparison to what is available tomorrow. By using a cloud-based system, you never have to worry about someone coming in and making local updates to your hardware. Instead, you can simply access the cloud and gain the latest technological benefits. 

Next, cloud video intelligence enables you to tap the power of cloud hardware and artificial intelligence to get the needed data. Could intelligence can do so much more than a human can: It can find faces, build reports, and automate alerts. These robust capabilities enable you to operate more efficiently and ensure you never miss anything the system needs you to catch.

Cloud security enables you to use the best indoor and outdoor security camera system. All too often, systems have to be reconfigured based on their location. You may need different systems and cameras for indoor and outdoor needs. That isn't the case for our cloud-based system: It works perfectly regardless of whether or not you are monitoring indoor or outdoor security issues. 

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