3 Ways to Provide More Value for Your Customers with Video Intelligence

Almost all businesses talk about being customer centric, but what does that really mean?


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Almost all businesses talk about being customer centric, but what does that really mean? Recently, Rish Gupta, Spot AI co-founder and VP of Product, sat down with Manufacturing Unscripted to talk about how Spot AI puts our customers first and how we help our customers achieve this for their customers.


Focusing on the Customer Always

The thinking behind a customer first philosophy is to figure out how to continuously provide more value to a customer year over year. To do this, every team needs to be bought in to a common mission and answer these two questions:

  • How do we add value for the customer?
  • How can we reduce friction for the customer in getting value from our product or service?

By reducing friction in the customer journey, you are able to make a customer’s job easier, reduce their workload through the day, and create happier customers. This is key for any business to consider when working with a new product or service - is it making my life easier?

Spot AI is laser focused on our customer experience and ensuring value is always increasing.

3 Ways to Make Better Business Decisions

Here are 3 ways that Spot AI helps leaders make better business decision:

1) Training

Using video footage for more than security is increasingly common in today’s business world. Having real video footage allows for trainings to become more personal and easily adaptable to what happens throughout a work day. Team leaders are able to find video footage, tag team members, annotate the video and provide feedback to improve employee practices and productivity.

2) Video Analytics

Planning is more important than ever. With Vehicle Idle Time, People Presence, License Plate Recognition, and other Intelligence features, customers are able to dive deep into video analytics to understand how their teams are performing, how different locations are comparing to each other, perform better operational and staff planning, all in an effort to improve customer experiences.

3) Focus on Software

Continuously releasing software updates provides customers with immediate value. From new ways to understand how your business is operating to gaining real time visibility and time saved resolving incidents, software allows customers to do more with video footage. We combine our focus on software with the ability for customers to keep their own cameras or get ours at no cost to them, providing increased value.

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