Accelerate workflows with new Integrations: Avigilon Alta and HALO Smart Sensors

Video insights just got more powerful with integrations with leading access control and environmental sensor solutions.


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In the US, 66% of all un-indexed business data is video data. Almost every business has a camera system capturing valuable data, but businesses aren’t realizing its full potential. We’ve built a video intelligence platform that can turn any camera into a smart camera with a suite of AI-based analytics to help businesses improve operations and grow. To continue unlocking even more value for businesses, we’re integrating Spot AI with other business critical systems that can leverage this powerful data. By converging our video data with other solutions through seamless integrations, workflows become easier and business insights become even richer. Our goal is to build an open data platform that supports all the custom tagging and indexing our customers need to connect our video data to the many other systems and events that are essential to safety, security, operational efficiency, and growth.

What Integrations are available?

We’ve started with two 3rd party integrations that many of our customers have asked for: Avigilon Alta’s (formerly Openpath’s) access control system and IPVideo Corp’s HALO environmental sensors. While this is just the beginning of our journey to integrate into best-of-breed solutions, access control and vape sensors have proven to be critical for security and safety in several industries we serve.

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Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath)

What is Avigilon Alta?

Avigilon Alta is a mobile access control solution with remote management capabilities that enable businesses to enhance and manage safety from anywhere. Avigilon Alta allows users to unlock doors, view access logs, and manage access permissions remotely and includes features such as customizable access levels and two-factor authentication.

What are the benefits of using the Spot AI + Avigilon Alta integration?

With the Spot AI and Avigilon Alta integration, businesses can combine the power of access control insights with video intelligence, creating a more comprehensive security solution and improved workflows. Businesses can link up to 4 cameras to every Avigilon Alta device to get better visibility into what’s happening on site.

  • Manage all of your sites’ cameras and entry points from one platform
  • Automatically get video for every entry attempt by linking cameras to Avigilon Alta devices
  • Quickly search and find video footage for anomalous events like forced door entries
  • Utilize the Spot AI Cases feature to create and save a case for security risks or incidents
  • Easily share video information and cases with relevant stakeholders through the Spot AI dashboard

HALO Smart Sensor

What is HALO?

HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness. With a single device, HALO provides environmental safety monitoring through vape detection, THC detection, gunshot detection, chemical alerting, temperature and humidity monitoring, and more.

What are the benefits of using the Spot AI + HALO integration?

  • Manage the safety and health of all your sites from one platform by integrating sensor and video data
  • Easily search and find video footage linked to sensor detection such as vape
  • Monitor sensor data such as temperature and humidity to ensure protection of valuable equipment
  • Easily create and share video information and cases through the Spot AI dashboard

Use cases

  • Visibility into abnormalities: Get video to understand why the concentration of harmful gases is increasing
  • Student safety: Easily find and view video footage when vaping is detected in school bathrooms or other relevant areas.
  • Protect valuable equipment:  Keep your IT closet running smoothly by monitoring temperature and humidity to ensure IT equipment stays within the necessary operating conditions

Coming soon

We know that data is powerful. Combining data from other business critical systems with Spot AI’s video intelligence creates even richer insights. Stay tuned as we continue to build more integrations into the Spot AI platform.

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