How Car Washes can do more with their Camera System

While cameras are everywhere, they are being underutilized by most car washes. Instead of being used for ways to improve operations and make more money for their businesses, many car washes are just using their cameras for security and reacting to issues. Let's change that.


Matt Klingbeil



Nearly every car wash in the nation has cameras across their sites. A lot of them. From the entrance and pay station to in the tunnel, at vacuum bays, and the exit. Cameras are ever present.

While cameras might be everywhere, they are being underutilized by most car washes. Instead of being used for ways to improve operations and make more money for their businesses, many car washes are only using their cameras for security and reacting to issues.

It’s time to change that.


How cameras have historically been used in a car wash

Car washes have been using cameras reactively, but there’s powerful data to take action on to proactively improve business operations, and car washes have been missing that opportunity.

Some examples of how car washes have used cameras reactively:

  • A customer claims their vehicle was damaged during their wash and the situation needs to be resolved by finding the footage and seeing who was at fault
  • There was a break in after hours and video footage needs to be shared with authorities
  • An incident occurred between employees where there was yelling and shoving and a manager needs eyes on what exactly happened.

These are timely and important problems to solve, but they take the time of a manager or someone in leadership to solve.

This means they are sitting searching through video footage instead of helping customers, helping their team sell memberships, and ensuring operations are meeting and exceeding goals.

The new opportunity lies with car washes being able to use cameras to resolve incidents, view all their locations from one dashboard, and improve speed of operations to increase revenue all from one platform.

The answer is the AI Camera System.

What is an AI Camera System?

The AI Camera System turns your current cameras into smart cameras and provides the data and analytics you need to drive operational efficiencies and revenue.  Our AI Camera System includes the first of its kind Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR) with powerful AI processing, easy-to-use software accessible from anywhere, and premium no-cost IP cameras or the ability to use existing cameras.


Spot AI’s dashboard provides the ability to easily search all your video footage from any location anytime, anywhere. State of the art AI provides meaningful insights on your operations to help make smarter business decisions. Importantly, you can start finding footage and digging into insights within minutes. The Spot AI dashboard is built to be user-friendly, with a YouTube like interface that makes finding and viewing footage fast and intuitive.

Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR)

The IVR is a first of its kind. It gives your business cutting edge technology that is supercharged by the latest and most powerful AI processors. You can set up and deploy in minutes with minimal lift from your team. You also get the best of both worlds with local storage and unlimited cloud backup of your most important clips.


We provide premium IP cameras at no cost to you. If you like your current cameras, you can keep them. Our cameras are high resolution, weatherproof and vandal proof to allow you to see everything.

How does an AI Camera System work?

Set up and deployment

Our AI Camera System makes it extremely easy for you and your team to get the most out of your video footage. It all starts with the set-up. From the start, you have the ability to keep your current cameras. If you need cameras, we’ll give you our IP cameras at no cost to you (and we’ll continue to replace your cameras at no cost through the duration of your contract). We know that cameras frequently get damaged in tunnels, so don’t worry about missing key footage, we have you covered. This keeps costs down and allows you to scale your operations faster.

Our team will be with you every step of deployment. From initial onboarding and set up through continued support, we make sure that you can get up and running fast, that your system is operational, and can provide answers to any questions you may have a long the way. With dedicated account support, you’ll always be covered with Spot AI.

Frequent software updates

Our customers should always have the latest and greatest software capabilities to power their operations. We provide meaningful updates every few weeks to ensure you can always improve how you’re using your camera system and video footage. From important firmware updates to new features like A-B-C tracking, LPR, Vehicle Idle Time, People Presence, and more, we are always improving our software and releasing new solutions for our customers that are part of your contract with us.

Ongoing support and customer success

It’s critical that your business runs smoothly, and our AI Camera System plays a role in that success. This is why we have a dedicated customer success manager for your account and U.S. based support that is always there for you. Our success team will be your partner in your growth and the person who will help you get the most out of Spot AI. If a problem ever occurs, our support team will resolve it and work with you to make sure it is properly fixed.

We take your feedback seriously and we want our partnership to be successful, so our team will be there for you, listen, and action your feedback.

Infinite scale

Easily scale to any number of cameras and locations. As you build and/or acquire new locations, or simply want to add more cameras to existing locations, we make sure that it’s easy and painless. Our IVRs are built to scale so that you can continuously view all locations whenever and wherever you want. Spot AI is built to scale with your business.

How the right AI Camera System improves car wash operations

For car washes, the right AI Camera System helps improve operations to wash more cars, improve team productivity, and scale.

Wash more cars

Every car wash leader searches for ways to wash more cars. Most tools aren’t equipped to give you the data you need to make decisions on your operations and how to actually wash more cars. Is there an issue at the pay station? Is your team not helping customers fast enough causing a back up? Is there a problem at the tunnel exit? Video data provides answers to all of these questions and more if used correctly.

Spot AI provides out of the box AI technology that helps you wash more cars. Vehicle Idle Time tells you exactly how long a vehicle is idling and where so you can see where any possibly problems are occurring. This allows you to get your members into the tunnel faster and ensure that non-members are quickly getting served and pitched memberships.

Improve team productivity

With uncertain economic situation still at the top of mind of car wash leaders, ensuring that your team is being productive is key. For many car washes, having visibility and data around team productivity has been difficult.

We built People Presence with this exact problem in mind. Now you and your site leadership team can see when your team is present in key areas of your car wash and for how long. You are also able to get alerts when they are not in the proper location to help customers. All of this data is available for you to understand friction points in your customer experience and to improve your team’s productivity.

Scale memberships and locations

Whether members or locations, being able to scale is a key concern for almost every car wash owner. Tools like License Plate Recognition (LPR) and intelligent Integrations ensures that you have everything you need to successfully scale your car wash.

With LPR data, you can track when vehicles enter your car wash and you can build reports on vehicles of interest. This allows you to start putting together marketing plans to target single wash customers and to turn them into members.

New API Integrations also let you tie some of your favorite tools with Spot AI’s video data. This ties robust video data with tools you use for memberships, access control, and more - providing key insights into every fact of your business.

Try Spot AI at your car wash today.

Leading car washes improve their operations with Spot AI

How a top 5 Car Wash deployed Spot AI at scale


A top 5 car wash needed to rapidly deploy a new camera system at scale for hundreds of locations across multiple states while also training large numbers of non-technical site managers to use the system.


The customer rolled Spot AI’s modular technology out across hundreds of locations at a rate of 5 locations per week with a small team of installation technicians. Spot AI’s intuitive interface and training resources helped the customer rapidly onboard hundreds of non-technical end users.

Learn more about how Spot AI helps car washes scale.

How Glide Xpress Car Wash improved the speed of their operations


Glide Xpress Car wash needed a way to improve speed of car wash operations to service cars faster across all of their locations.


Using Vehicle Idle Time, Glide Xpress understands how long cars are idling at the entrance, where process gaps occur and when they need to be better staffed. With this technology, Glide Xpress consistently achieves processing of vehicles within 30 seconds from pay station to car wash tunnel.

Click here to read more about Glide Xpress Car Wash.

How Camel Express Car Wash reduced time spent on damage claims


As Camel Express Car Wash expands and increases the total number of cars washed, so do the number of damage claims that come in. On an average busy weekend, Camel Express can see around 20 damage claims.


Camel Express Car Wash uses Spot AI’s Cases feature to ensure that any damage claim that comes in can be quickly resolved. In a matter of minutes, the team members can isolate the video footage needed, annotate the video, and share with customers and other parties as needed to resolve claims.

See how Camel Express Car Wash uses Spot AI to transform their damage claims processes.

Car washes across the nation are using Spot AI to wash more cars, improve team productivity, and rapidly scale. Try Spot AI risk free at your car wash today.

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