How Retailers Reduce TCO with Spot AI and Move Away from Break/Fix Models

Many retailers are turning to new video security solutions as they move away from an era of frequent camera downtime, hardware failures, and high maintenance expenses.


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As retailers seek new ways to mitigate loss and gain new insights into their operations, video security has become a critical component of their strategy. However, many retailers have traditionally relied on break/fix models for their security camera systems. Outages and system issues become a constant headache and can make systems costly and ineffective over the long term. Today, a growing number of retailers, like Scheels, Strand Books, and All Star Elite are turning to modern solutions like Spot AI, which offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and provide greater value in the long run.


What is TCO, and why does it matter?

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive approach to evaluating the financial impact of an asset over its lifetime. In the case of retail security camera systems, TCO takes into account the initial system purchase price, ongoing maintenance and repair costs, and the business impact of downtime. By considering all of these factors, retailers can make more informed decisions about their investments and optimize their ROI.

The pitfalls of break/fix models 

Many retailers have traditionally relied on reactive maintenance, or break/fix models for their security camera systems. This involves calling in technicians to diagnose and repair issues as they arise. While this approach may seem convenient in the short term, it can quickly become costly and inefficient over time. Break/fix models can lead to longer downtime, more frequent failures, ongoing hardware costs, and maintenance labor expenses. These all can add up to a quite high TCO in the long run.

Meet your new favorite camera system

Spot AI brings Video Intelligence to retailers across the nation and helps teams build safer, smarter organizations. Our AI Camera system is plug-and-play and works with nearly every IP camera on the market, removing complex set-ups of traditional systems. If you need cameras for any reason, Spot AI provides premium IP cameras at no cost! The solution also offers proactive camera health monitoring features and post-sales support so your team can spend less time and money on system maintenance and more time on the jobs they need to get done.

What retailers get with Spot AI

Spot AI’s Camera System provides retailers with an easy and modern way to get visibility into all locations, while reducing overall system costs and maintenance headaches.

The Spot AI solution offers

  1. The ability to keep your existing cameras
  2. The option to own premium, 5 MP IP cameras at no cost
  3. 100% hardware warranty for the duration of your contract 
  4. AI Alerts that monitor the health of your cameras 24/7
  5. Award-winning post-sales support
  6. Unmatched ease of installation
  7. Intelligence features like Heatmaps, People Presence Dashboards, Vehicle Idle Time, and License Plate Recognition

As retailers continue to seek new ways to reduce loss, enhance security, and optimize their operations, smarter solutions like Spot AI are quickly gaining traction. By offering free cameras, easy setup, and a more proactive approach to camera system maintenance, Spot AI can help retailers achieve a much lower TCO and maximize their ROI over the long term. With its advanced features and powerful analytics, Spot AI is a game-changer for retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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