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A security camera system is one of the most effective tools that security teams have available for deterring crime. If you need convincing, consider that a survey of convicted burglars found that most burglars view surveillance cameras as a strong deterrence.

With that said, the exact type of video surveillance system you choose to install will greatly impact how much protection it affords. The eight tips we’ve outlined below will help business leaders and their IT and security teams choose the best security camera to meet their organizational needs.


Choose a Security Camera That Offers Video Intelligence

Business security camera systems have come a long way since the first CCTV cameras were introduced in the early 1950s. Today, there are numerous types of security cameras available to choose from. These cameras come equipped with an equally wide range of features, including motion sensors/motion detection, facial recognition, remote viewing, color night vision, and many more.

But one such feature that is especially important for security professionals to prioritize is video intelligence. Thanks to AI software, video intelligence security systems such as Spot AI can analyze recorded video to generate powerful insights. 

This functionality turns a security camera from a reactionary tool used to review events after the fact into a proactive method for preventing events such as theft and accidents from ever occurring in the first place. (If you're curious about what else video intelligence can do, hop over to this post where we do a deep dive on the subject.)

For example, video intelligence can provide IT and security teams with insights regarding how, when, and where theft occurs so that they can take further steps to prevent it. With shoplifting rates on the rise and retailers reporting that stolen merchandise comprises around 2-3% of their total sales, insights into how security professionals can prevent theft are more valuable than ever. 

Along with preventing theft, video intelligence can also provide insights into how and why workplace accidents occur, helping business owners and their security teams create a safer environment for employees.

But preventing criminal events isn't the only benefit provided by cameras that offer video intelligence. In addition to providing insights into why events such as accidents and theft occur, you can also use video intelligence to monitor customer activity to help optimize stores for better customer satisfaction and increased sales. 

No matter your type of organization, quality data is sure to be one of its most valuable resources — and video represents the ultimate source of data for generating a wide range of powerful insights. By using a security system equipped with video intelligence, you can leverage your security system to identify issues and opportunities.

Camera Systems Should Offer Ample Storage and the Latest NVIDIA Technology

You never know when an incident will occur, and that's why security systems record and store video around the clock. But if you fail to purchase a camera system with ample storage capacity, you might not have room to store all of the video your system records.

Few things are more frustrating than turning to your security system to learn more about an incident only to realize that the system has run out of video storage and didn't capture it. This is why choosing a camera system that offers plenty of storage space is essential. It's also important to remember that high-definition video requires more storage per minute of video recorded than low-resolution cameras. Broadly speaking, security cameras recording high-definition video need to offer between 600 GB to 6 TB of storage space.

Spot AI’s intelligent video recorder (IVR) is equipped with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and can store up to 90 days of continuous high-definition footage on your network video recorder. This approach by design ensures that our customers are never left in the dark with cameras that could reach their local storage capacity. Best of all, with Spot AI’s IVR system you can keep your existing security cameras or we’ll provide premium IP cameras for free.      

Includes Unlimited Cloud Storage Backup

Along with storing footage on your NVR, some security systems (like Spot AI) also provide unlimited cloud storage backup

The advantages of choosing a security system that offers this perk are multi-faceted. For one, it completely eliminates any concerns about running out of storage space. When every second of video that you record automatically gets backed up on the cloud, you never have to worry about running out of storage space — no matter how much or how little storage your system's NVR provides.

The second advantage of unlimited cloud storage backup is that it allows you to store video footage indefinitely. With NVR storage alone, you'll have to delete footage periodically to preserve space for future recordings. While this isn't often an issue as long as you choose a system with ample NVR storage, there are some cases where IT or security teams will need to review old footage for one reason or another. Backing up all the video you record on the cloud ensures that it will remain accessible for years and allows you to delete files from your NVR without them being permanently lost.

The final benefit of unlimited cloud storage backup is preserving the footage you record, even if your NVR is destroyed or otherwise compromised. If an incident such as a natural disaster or system malfunction renders the files stored on your NVR inaccessible, having backups stored on the cloud means your footage will still be accessible.

Spot AI security systems come with unlimited cloud-based storage to ensure that our customers never encounter issues that arise from relying on NVR storage alone. By automatically creating a backup for every second of video that you record, Spot AI provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can always access your video recordings.

Offers Premium High-Resolution and Weatherproof Cameras

High-resolution and weatherproof are two of the most vital features to look for in a security camera. Starting with high-resolution, a security camera won't do a business much good if the video quality is so bad that you can't tell what you’re looking at. Cameras with 5MP resolution and 16X digital zoom have become the standard for home security and business security systems alike, and you shouldn't settle for a camera that offers any less.

If you plan to install an outdoor security system, it's equally important to choose weatherproof cameras. One thing about outdoor cameras is that they will be exposed to the outdoor elements round-the-clock. So, you'll need to choose durable and weatherproof cameras if you want to avoid the expense of constantly having to repair and replace them.

The good news is that there are plenty of premium cameras on the market today that offer exceptional resolution and long-lasting durability. And as a camera-agnostic solution, Spot AI's video intelligence software can work with any of them!

Along with video intelligence software capable of working with any security camera, Spot AI offers premium IP cameras at no cost to customers who purchase a Spot AI security system. These cameras offer features and specs such as 5MP resolution, 16X digital zoom, and IP66/IP67 weatherproofing and are an excellent option for any indoor or outdoor security system.

Ensures Safer Working Environments

One key functionality of security systems is preventing theft and protecting a business's assets. But they should also be designed and implemented in a way that will promote safer working environments.

Security cameras play a key role in reviewing workplace accidents to determine their cause. If you use a security system with video intelligence (like Spot AI), you can use it to generate insights that can help prevent accidents from occurring in the future. Our AI-powered software enables business owners and their security teams to pinpoint the specific issues leading to recurring incidents so they can be corrected. In this way, our security system ensures a safer working environment for employees across a broad range of industries.

While protecting business assets is important, nothing is more important than keeping employees safe. 

The bottom line is that security systems that shed light on workplace accidents can help prevent them from happening again. AI-powered security systems such as Spot AI can go a long way toward helping achieve this all-important goal.

Easy Setup

Installing a new security system may sound simple enough on the surface. However, it’s a job that can quickly become overwhelming — and without the right support or installation services, they can sometimes be a real hassle.

That's why Spot AI designed our security system to be as easy to set up and install as possible. Spot AI’s system is plug and play. Our SpotGenius finds all cameras on your network in minutes and provides step-by-step instructions, including setting up user access. And if you do need a little extra assistance, we happily offer support to walk you through the process.

Installing a new security system doesn't need to be a tedious or error-prone process. By choosing a system such as Spot AI that is designed for easy installation and backed by quality support services, you will surely avoid a lot of frustration.

Offers a High Degree of Customization/Ability To Tailor the System to Your Business Needs

Every business has unique security needs, and your team can't afford a cookie-cutter video security product. This starts with choosing a security system that allows you to customize both the number of cameras and the type of cameras you use. 

For one business, the ideal security system might be just one or two bullet cameras for monitoring the storefront. For another, the ideal system might be a widespread system of dome cameras designed to provide a wide field of view across multiple locations.

As a business scales, its security needs may change. By choosing a security system that you can tailor, you can ensure that those needs are met — now and as the company grows. Choosing a customizable system ensures that your security system can scale without requiring the IT team to perform a complete overhaul.

Includes Dedicated Onboarding, Training, and Support

It's important to choose a security system that offers installation services, but mastering the ins and outs of a modern security system doesn't end once the system is set up. Along with choosing a system that includes installation services, it's also important to work with a provider that offers dedicated onboarding, training, and support.

This is especially true if you choose a feature-rich security system that offers advanced features such as video intelligence, which can turn your security system into a much more powerful business tool. Still, they do require a little bit of a learning curve to fully utilize all of their capabilities.

Spot AI offers dedicated onboarding, training, and support to every customer who purchases our industry-leading security system. We walk customers through every step of setting up their security system and utilizing its many features. And if you ever run into questions or issues, our friendly and knowledgeable support team is ready and able to help. 

This commitment to outstanding customer support is a big part of what sets Spot AI apart from the competition — and is vital for ensuring that you can enjoy all of the many features and advantages our advanced security system provides.

Find Out Why Spot AI Is the Camera System for You!

There are several important considerations to remember when choosing a new security system. Do you want a security system that offers all the features, specs, and high-quality support you need to optimize your security and provide a safer working environment? Turn to Spot AI.  

Spot AI is committed to providing small businesses and large organizations with the most high-quality and advanced surveillance systems on the market today. To learn more about what sets our powerful AI security system apart from other systems on the market or for help choosing the ideal setup for your security needs, contact us to schedule your demo!

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