How to Resolve Incidents Faster with Cases


Matt Klingbeil



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We’ve all heard or experienced the horror stories - an incident happens, it takes hours to find the correct footage. Once you find the footage, you need to find a USB drive or another way to share that footage. Days go by and the incident still sits unresolved. Resolving incidents shouldn’t be a daunting task for IT teams.


What Cases Can Do

With Cases, resolving incidents has never been easier.

In a matter of minutes, you can find the footage you need and start compiling a Case to easily collaborate with internal team members and external people like customers, the authorities, insurance companies, and more. This saves you and your team time searching through footage and trying to communicate with internal team and external people.

Here are all the items you can add to a case:

  • Add screenshots, links, or documents such as photos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Add Tags to keep Cases organized
  • Add collaborators
  • Track resolution status
  • Save hours of time resolving incidents

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How Cases Help You

Get your day back by spending less time finding footage and more time resolving incidents. Here’s how different industries use Cases:

  • Car washes use Cases to reduce the time spent on damage claims by being able to pull together footage, add screenshots, and communicate with a customer quickly.
  • Warehouses and Logistics companies use Cases to resolve worker safety incidents and claims, saving time and money on worker’s comp issues.
  • Schools are able to easily solve problems throughout their buildings from missing equipment to an incident between students.

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