Introducing the Intelligent Video Recorder: See Your Business Clearly

To enable our customers to do even more with video, we’ve built the first of its kind - Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR). See your business clearly.


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Over the last few years, there has been a transformational shift in how businesses use camera systems. People are consuming video in their businesses at similar rates that they consume video at home. IT, Operations, Security, Safety, and HR teams are using video more than ever to solve their most important business problems such as improving operational efficiency, driving better customer experiences, enhancing worker safety, and ensuring smarter security at their locations.

This trend is taking place in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, car washes, healthcare, government, retail and hospitality, cannabis, and more. As customers use their camera systems at higher velocities to gain more insights from video, we’re making sure they have the most powerful hardware and the smartest software at their fingertips.

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To enable our customers to do even more with video, we’ve built the first-of-its-kind IVR — the Intelligent Video Recorder.

What is an IVR

With an all-new design inside and out, the IVR provides our customers with the latest and greatest abilities to see their businesses clearly:

  • Cutting edge Intel I-10 Processors and NVDIA GPUs for customers to do even more with AI
  • H.265 Compression for high quality video
  • 5mp camera support for ultra crisp viewing

The IVR supercharges how customers can use Video Intelligence with new video insights:

  • Vehicle Idle Time to improve operations by knowing when and where vehicles are idle, how quickly vehicles are serviced, and the time it takes to load and unload trucks.
  • People Presence to provide superior customer experiences by ensuring your team is at the right place at the right time, prevent safety incidents, and build employee trainings based on video insights.
  • License Plate Recognition (coming end of 2022) to be able to better serve customers, improve security, and resolve incidents faster at car washes, auto dealers, hospitality, and warehouses.
  • Additional Industrial AI Models to help manufacturers and warehouses improve operational efficiency and enhance worker safety.

How our customers are using Video Intelligence

Glide Xpress Car Wash is on a mission to be the fastest car wash while providing the ultimate car wash experience. They’re consistently on the lookout for ways to improve their throughput, provide better customer experiences, and use industry leading equipment and technology to always be improving their car wash experience.

For nearly 15 years, the leadership team at Glide Xpress has looked for technology and tools to help them improve their throughput. This need for processing more cars faster while maintaining quality customer experiences has become even more important as they’ve expanded across multiple states. Until now, they haven’t been able to find a solution that gave them the analytics needed to know how well their team is serving customers and understanding their throughput efficiency. This is where Spot AI was able to help the Glide Xpress team deliver the ultimate car wash experience.

Video Intelligence Drives Insights

With their Video Intelligence insights they are able to ensure that no car takes more than 30 seconds to enter the car wash tunnel. The analytics from Idle Time let the team quickly see and understand how far apart vehicles are, if there’s an issue at the pay station, and how many more vehicles can be serviced each hour. After years of searching, Shawn Peterson, VP of Operations at Glide Xpress, says he’s “literally trying to not jump out of my seat. This is game-changing stuff for us and the industry.” The insights from Idle Time let them identify which areas of the queue are bottlenecks that negatively affect throughput, especially during peak hours. This helps them determine what training and staffing opportunities there are to help the customer have a faster, more consistent experience.

As Glide Xpress is creating better customer experiences with faster car washes, they are also keeping an eye towards how their team is performing. With People Presence, the leadership team at Glide Xpress knows that their team is in the right place at the right time to serve customers.

Hear from our Customers

Heath Owsley, Director of Operations at Glide Xpress says, ”From an operations standpoint, I’m able to know why a customer is waiting too long and this tells me if we’re staffed enough or we have an opportunity to better train our team. Idle Time helps us identify potential issues before they become real issues.” By taking a look back at their video in real time and easily pulling past footage, the leadership team is able to create trainings so the full team is always prepared to serve guests and provide repeat customers.

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