Video Intelligence Software: What it is, how it works, and why you need it

Video security used to be an industry with a slow pace of change, but not anymore.


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Video security used to be an industry with a slow pace of change, but not anymore. Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, IoT, neural networks, and other related technologies have sparked rapid growth in what’s possible.

Video intelligence software is a new approach to video security — one that transforms the category entirely and redefines what’s possible.

Here’s what you need to know about video intelligence software: what it is, how it’s different from the status quo, and what it can do for your business.

What Is Video Intelligence Software?

Video intelligence transforms raw video footage into actionable insights and usable data. It turns video footage (such as security camera footage) from something you watch in a linear way to something you use dynamically, empowering every person at every business to make decisions based on video data instead of hearsay.

With a video intelligence solution, customers only pay for software. This prevents you from being locked in to any vendor and lets you use any camera you want — including those you already have.

Organizations across all industries use video intelligence for security, safety, efficiency, and better customer/employee experiences. It provides proactive health monitoring to help you stay ahead of any possible camera problems, and lets businesses enjoy the security of local storage with the convenience of the cloud.

Use cases include:

  • Improving security and safety with real-time visibility and AI alerts
  • Resolving incidents fast by quickly finding video footage 
  • Using relevant clips, photos, documents, and files to collaborate with internal and external teams
  • Alerting when people are present or vehicles are idling nearby 
  • Unlocking hidden gaps and operational efficiencies


Benefits and Advantages of Video Intelligence Software

Organizations that upgrade to a video intelligence software solution gain numerous advantages and benefits, including:

Enhance Workplace Safety and Prevent Injuries

Smart video intelligence can identify hazards and choke points, alert users when an area is more crowded than deemed safe, and identify workplace behaviors that could be dangerous or result in injuries.

When safety incidents do occur, a system like Spot AI gives users unprecedented speed at finding the incident on video. You can use annotated video footage for training as well, showing employees where the deviation from protocol began.

Drive Efficiency in Business Operations

Video intelligence also enables businesses to improve operational efficiencies. Imagine using the security cameras you already have to begin proactively scanning inventory levels and even automating your stock management process. That’s one use case for Spot AI in warehouse applications.

Video intelligence can also identify when machines are idle, when work areas are unstaffed or understaffed, and other operational metrics that give you deeper insights into how work is (and isn’t) getting done.

Monitor Facilities and Improve Security

Video intelligence goes far beyond monitoring and security, but it’s a big step forward for these important functions, too. You’ll get better tools for finding and interpreting incidents (no more fast-forwarding and rewinding tapes), and pulling all security footage into a single dashboard gives you a more cohesive understanding of what’s going on. 

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Spot AI works with the IP cameras you already have. And if you don’t have any (or enough), we give you cloud IP cameras for no additional cost! 

Spot AI’s ease of install eliminates time wasted in setup, and automatic software upgrades constantly improve the systems without customers needing to manage any complex maintenance or upgrade cycles.

Spot AI’s simplicity for end users reduces change management costs as it’s a breeze to onboard and train users across any organization - large and small. In fact, most end users are able to self-serve onto the platform.

By transitioning to our edge hardware and cloud services, you’ll reduce the total cost of ownership over legacy systems even as you massively grow your technical capabilities.

Why Video Intelligence Software Should Be Used Over Traditional Security

Businesses should use video intelligence software instead of traditional video security because of its numerous benefits. Perhaps the most important of these benefits is how video intelligence software changes how businesses use video, turning footage into insights and business intelligence.

By powering up video footage in this way, organizations can use that video for more than just security. Now, video can help improve processes and business efficiency and enhance safety in the workplace.  

Also, because video intelligence operates as a software layer and isn’t dependent on specific camera hardware, it provides the ultimate flexibility for teams: You can choose to keep your own cameras or use any IP camera you want.

Challenges Spot AI Helps Overcome

You have a few choices in video intelligence software, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Spot AI solves numerous daily challenges for current customers — and can solve them for you, too.

Here are four of the challenges Spot AI is uniquely equipped to solve.

Unify All Locations onto One Dashboard

First, Spot AI unifies all cameras and all locations into a single pane of glass.

How? Because Spot AI is camera agnostic: It works with any IP camera. And if you don’t have cameras already, Spot AI provides them to customers at no cost.

The Spot AI system uses a 10-minute plug-and-play setup that allows customers to drastically upgrade their capabilities and deploy modern technology without a cumbersome, long-term upgrade project.

We do this using a state-of-the-art combination of secure local edge storage (using our Intelligent Video Recorder) and the ultimate convenience of cloud backup. This setup saves your bandwidth while also modernizing an in-place system without needing a full infrastructure overhaul, and lets you securely access video footage anytime, anywhere — desktop or mobile.

Maintain and Scale Cameras With Ease

Expanding a traditional security system can be an unexpected hassle. Spot AI allows businesses to scale to any number of locations and cameras without worrying about outgrowing hardware.

You can scale your users and access, too: Add and manage users at scale with Role Based Access so that everyone (department managers, safety personnel, security teams, and ops people) can access the right video intelligence, all with an optimal user experience.

Spot AI also helps you maintain your existing system by providing automatic software updates and software alerts so customers never have to worry — making it easy for businesses to stay on top of their systems with minimal effort.

Search and Resolve Incidents in Minutes

Spot AI’s AI Camera System combines cloud and edge computing to make video footage actionable so customers can instantly surface and resolve problems. This means no more watching hours of video trying to find the crucial moment — potentially saving your team hundreds or even thousands of hours in a year.

And because Spot AI uses an AI-powered search, it can diagnose and even solve incidents in minutes, even with minimal context.

Additionally, with Spot AI, you can collaborate and annotate video footage with anyone from one dashboard, helping your team resolve incidents more quickly, efficiently, and with greater accuracy.

Unlock Hidden Gaps and Inefficiencies

Go beyond mere security footage with advanced AI alerts that can notify users about numerous other issues, including:

  • Unstaffed lines and areas
  • Potential safety incidents
  • Loading times
  • Processing time 

These video insights help to unlock hidden gaps and inefficiencies so you can proactively learn about critical events — even when you’re not there to see them.

Businesses with multiple locations performing the same tasks can leverage automated metrics tracking and comparisons across locations to better understand your operations and make more informed decisions that target long-term success.

How Video Intelligence Software Works

Video intelligence software can deliver a range of capabilities. The system can measure the presence, counts, and movement of people, vehicles, and things

With our powerful Intelligent Video Recorder, you have the out of the box functionality for people and vehicle detection, forklift detection, counting of people and vehicles, and more. Additionally, you are able to analyze this video data directly from one dashboard to make more informed organizational decisions on key functions such security, safety, operations, and more. 

Traditional camera software wasn’t built to let you do anything with your video footage besides viewing it. Video Intelligence makes all of your video footage actionable, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

But the more technically complex capabilities go deeper than identifying that something entered a space — they identify what that something is and categorize it accordingly.

The system first discovers all camera endpoints on the network, automatically. It then ingests the raw video from each camera, indexes it for all content in the video feed using AI, encrypts it for added security, and converts it into a format that any web browser can easily play. The indexed video is instantly searchable, alertable, sharable, and more.

Industries That Use Video Intelligence Software

Video intelligence software holds quite a bit of promise for many industries, scenarios, and use cases — but is it right for you?

To help you decide further, we’ve gathered a few ways that Spot AI empowers businesses across numerous sectors.


Within schools, video intelligence can give authorized personnel a view of all buildings from a single dashboard, ensuring that your students and staff remain safe at all times. And with the ability to access footage from desktop or mobile devices, video intelligence software works with your security staff even when they’re on the move.

Video intelligence keeps schools safe from the outside as well, providing alerts for the presence of people and vehicles. With the ability to quickly search and pull footage, video intelligence can help schools better prepare for future security incidents. 

Learn more about Spot AI in education.


Government buildings are unique in that they often have restricted areas, and are often targets for nefarious activity. Video intelligence allows security personnel to monitor off-limit areas across all your facilities, detecting unusual or unauthorized activity.

With proactive health monitoring, video intelligence provides alerts if any issues are detected with any of your hardware or cameras. This lets your security team stay one step ahead of safety and security incidents before they happen.

Learn more about Spot AI in government.

Auto Services

Car washes, dealerships, and auto shops benefit from video intelligence in several ways. For example, live, searchable video across all locations can detect unusual activity according to schedules you set (like notifying you with real-time alerts if activity is detected overnight when your business is closed). And with better video analytics, car washes can protect themselves against frivolous damage claims by establishing prior damage.

Video intelligence can even improve vehicle processing time by analyzing the causes of downtime and delays. And license plate recognition can streamline and improve numerous aspects of many auto-related businesses.

Learn more about Spot AI in auto services.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping environments benefit from real-time visibility across locations. Security footage is no longer siloed by location, as everything is available from the dashboard.

Business insights gleaned from video footage can also identify low stock and even automate the reorder process. And analysis of safety incidents can help businesses, leaders, and supervisors identify unsafe behavior and address it before it becomes a worker’s compensation claim.

Learn more about Spot AI in industrial environments.


Healthcare organizations use video analysis and video analytics software to monitor activity across multiple facilities and to identify and resolve patient incidents.

Privacy regulations unique to healthcare (HIPAA) can complicate the process of sharing footage, as confidentiality of medical data must be maintained. Spot AI solves this with role-based access that lets you securely share footage with those who need to know while staying compliant.

Learn more about Spot AI in healthcare.

Multi-Location Retail

Multi-location retail presents additional unique challenges. You can’t be everywhere at once, but on-premise incidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Using video analytics solutions helps you optimize your security system and adapt to real-world conditions.

Using video intelligence software, you can set motion alerts to detect and notify when unusual activity is captured by CCTV. When an incident such as an accident or injury claim occurs, you can annotate and share playback from the video feed with the appropriate parties, verifying or refuting the claims being made.

Learn more about how Spot AI’s video analytics solutions solve retail challenges.


One of the biggest challenges in the cannabis industry outside of security is compliance: various state and local regulations don’t always align perfectly, but that doesn’t lessen the importance of staying compliant.

Spot AI offers One-Click compliance in every state where cannabis operations are legal.

You’ll also gain a security and analytics platform that allows you to monitor all cannabis operations from anywhere: any video stream, any location, in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about Spot AI’s applications in the cannabis industry.

Upgrade Your Security With Video Intelligence Software From Spot AI

Security technology is transforming rapidly, changing notions of what’s possible in terms of video management, analytics, and intelligent insights. At the front edge of this change, new software and services (along with new back-end hardware) power the experience.

Spot AI is a leader in video intelligence, delivering unprecedented insights and real-world business intelligence that go far beyond mere surveillance and security.

Ready to transform your operations, gain real-time visibility, and even enhance the safety of your facilities? Let’s get started.

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