Video search just got faster and smarter with Attribute Search and People Search with Faces

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience and workflows around search, and we’re excited to announce our latest advanced search capabilities with two new launches: Attribute Search and People Search with Faces.


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Finding video footage quickly and easily through search tools is one of the most common use cases for an AI camera system – and it’s one of the top reasons why our customers love the Spot AI platform.  We’re leveraging the power of AI to give customers the ability to conduct searches with greater fidelity, flexibility, and speed than ever before, with search based on attributes and the ability to find and identify individual people. 


What makes Attribute and People Search so powerful?

Searching for footage on traditional camera systems can be a painful process – not to mention a process that can take up hours and hours of valuable time. We know how important it is to find relevant footage quickly and that improvements to search — whether big or small — make a huge difference in the day-to-day workflows of our users. 

In many search workflows, customers look for footage surrounding individual people and vehicles. In other words, search is about a particular person in a scene, or a specific car that is scratched. With attribute and people search, we’re empowering customers with richer search experiences and faster resolution times by giving more specificity in people and vehicle search. 

Enhanced specificity with attributes:

  • Color is one of the most common attributes to accelerate search on people and vehicles. Starting with upper clothing color, lower clothing color, and vehicle color search, these features make it easy to find relevant footage.
  • Taking it a step further, advanced vehicle search with vehicle make and type provides even more specificity in search when customers have a description of the vehicle. 

Enhanced specificity with faces:

  • Searching for and following individual people by faces opens up a whole new set of use cases, including the search of people entering and exiting stores, schools, and businesses over a specified time period, and identifying persons of interest across cameras.
"It’s fun to play around with attribute search. And it makes it easier to find specific vehicles, so we save even more time reviewing footage."

Heath Owsley, Director of Operations, Glide Xpress Car Wash

Example Use Cases

Attribute Search

  • Customers can resolve investigations of a suspicious person faster by finding persons of interest based on clothing color
  • Car washes can resolve damage claims faster using search by the description of a car

People Search with faces

  • Schools can audit the presence of suspicious people that come back to the premises
  • Manufacturing and warehousing businesses can audit for employee movement in unauthorized areas to resolve and prevent safety incidents

Learn how Attribute and People Search can improve the safety and operations of your organization

Attribute and People Search are just a few of the advanced capabilities offered with the Spot AI Camera system – and there’s more coming as we release new features and functionality to our customers at a rapid pace.

Learn more about Spot AI today to see how our technology can improve your organization’s operations.

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