Athens Area School District future-proofs their video surveillance with an AI Camera System

Athens Area School District, located in northeast Pennsylvania, encompasses over 178 square miles and serves six boroughs and townships. The district was having issues sharing video footage between Principals, School Resource Officers, and IT, causing them to lose valuable time in resolving incidents. They also wanted to ensure that they could have improved visibility across the district and integrate their camera system with important environmental sensors like vape detection.

Athens Area School District is able to:

  • Improve visibility into all buildings across the district
  • Streamline incident resolution by providing access to IT, Principals, School Resource Officers, and other administrative staff across the district
  • Integrate their AI Camera System with HALO vape detection to keep students safe

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"I've always been the person called to help track down footage because previous systems were more cumbersome and time consuming.". With Spot, I’ve been able to easily train our SROs and other staff to find footage themselves and to build a Case to resolve incidents. This takes the burden off IT.”

Clint Nichols, Director of Information Technology, Athens Area School District

Challenge 1: Wasted time and resources finding video footage to resolve incidents.

In the past, to resolve an incident Athens Area School District needed to search through footage, download the footage, create files and add them to folders, upload them to a shared drive or flash drive before finally being able to share video footage. This cumbersome process wasted valuable time resolving incidents across the district.

Solution 1: Greater visibility and streamlined incident resolution to improve student safety across the district

With Spot AI, Athens Area School District has been able to gain increased visibility across the district and provide easy access to IT, school principals, assistant principals, SROs, and other administrative staff with the appropriate access to video footage and cameras. This has allowed for more eyes where they need them and to efficiently resolve incidents.

After a car accident took place in front of the elementary school, the SRO there was able to find the footage he needed and start building a Case to compile all of the information into one place. He was able to tag the IT team in the Case to help provide more camera angles and give more context into what happened. The ease of use giving access to the right people in the district along with Cases allows Athens Area Schools to improve student safety and building security.

Challenge 2: An outdated camera system left the district without tools they needed

With new features to improve security and safety always coming out, Athens Area School District’s former camera system wasn’t cutting it anymore. The old system was clunky, its features weren’t always useful, and it caused usability issues for district IT leadership, making it difficult to stay ahead of technological changes for school security.

Solution 2: Future-proof the district’s video surveillance with an AI Camera System

“With Spot AI, not only is the product there and works great, but they are always listening and growing. They’re constantly improving, open to feedback, and building true partnerships with their customers.”

Clint Nichols, Director of Information Technology, Athens Area School District

When the district set out to find a new camera system, they wanted to find one that not only provided more visibility and easier incident resolution but that was forward thinking and could help set them up for the future.

With Spot AI’s AI Camera System, the district has been able to integrate their HALO vape detection sensors with video data. This allows them to understand areas where students are vaping and take preventative measures. For example, once a school principal or SRO is notified that vaping has been detected, they can then tie that notification to video footage and see which student was vaping, where it took place, and take measures to stop it.

Choosing an AI Camera System has allowed Athens Area Schools to future-proof their video surveillance and be prepared to provide world class student security and safety. From People Search with Faces and Attribute Search to integrations and quick incident resolution, the district is now able to ensure student, staff, and facility security across the district.

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