Resolving incidents faster: How Eureka College improves student safety with an AI Camera System

Eureka College, located in Eureka, Illinois, sits on 70-acres of land that has been designated as a Campus Historic District by the National Park Service. With over a dozen buildings and facilities, including residential student housing, academic buildings, recreation centers, parking lots, and more, the Campus Safety department needed a camera system that could meet their needs for improved security, better efficiency, and that could work with other systems they already had deployed across the campus.

Eureka College has been able to:

  • Improve student safety across academic and residential buildings
  • Use AI Search to improve the speed of resolving incidents
  • Integrate their most used tools, such as Brivo Access Control, with Spot AI to improve security and efficiency

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Challenge 1: Hours of wasted time searching for video footage

Eureka College was struggling with an outdated camera system that was wasting the time of the Campus Safety department. The task of searching for footage to investigate an incident was painful. It took hours to find the footage they needed because they had to search minute by minute without any ability to speed up the process. They were frustrated that it took them too long to resolve incidents and wanted a simpler, more modern way of searching through footage and investigating incidents.

“Searching with Spot AI is easy and saves me so much time. I love that I can create a Case for any video footage I need to keep record of what has happened and quickly share it with campus administration” - Loren Marion, Director of Campus Safety and Chief of Police

Solution 1: AI Search and faster incident resolution with an AI Camera System

When Eureka College set out to find a new camera system, searching for video footage was top of mind. With Spot AI, they were drawn to the ease of use and how quickly they could search for video footage. Whether vandalism occurs, cars speeding on campus, guests damaging campus property, or vehicular damage, Campus Safety can review hours of footage within 5 minutes to ensure that the campus remains safe and that the College is able to effectively operate.

After one recent incident where a visitor claimed that the campus roads were at fault for a damaged rear bumper, the Campus Safety team was able to work backwards from the time the vehicle entered campus, find the make and color of the vehicle, and prove to the visitor that their rear bumper was already loose before the vehicle entered campus.

Campus Safety is now able to find the footage they need, create a Case to keep track of incident resolution status with historical record and share footage with other college administration or the local police force as needed.

Challenge 2: Siloed systems didn't provide the insights needed to drive campus security and safety

While the campus had an access control system deployed across campus, they weren’t able to tie any of that data together with video footage. This caused multiple systems to not talk to each other. Campus Safety wanted a way to make sure that they were able to get alerted and see what was happening when people entered certain buildings and areas on campus.

Solution 2: Integrations for improved security and streamlined efficiency

“Spot AI was so easy to set up. I had zero problems navigating set up and getting our current cameras online and setting up Spot AI’s cameras. As our current cameras reach end of life, I’m able to just replace them with Spot cameras at no additional cost” - Loren Marion, Director of Campus Safety and Chief of Police, Eureka College

Integrating the College’s Brivo access control with Spot AI has been a game changer. Campus Safety has been able to layer on video footage to get richer insights into who is entering which buildings and understanding if that person should be there ensuring that only the right people are in the right locations.

Recently, the College created a new set of rules of who can access certain buildings such as the gymnasium and when they can enter. Now, they have clear visibility into all of their facilities. If something happens after hours, the Campus Safety department can see who entered the facility, when they entered, and they can quickly take action to resolve the incident.

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