Liberty-Perry School District creates safer buildings with an AI Camera System

Liberty-Perry School District, located in eastern Indiana, was struggling with an outdated camera system that made it difficult to search for video footage and caused them to spend hours trying to find footage when they needed it the most. With Spot AI, they have been able to reduce the time it takes to search for video footage and resolve incidents to minutes.

Liberty-Perry has been able to:

  • Get up and running fast by using their current cameras and Spot AI's no-cost cameras
  • Resolve student incidents faster than ever with AI solutions
  • Keep students and staff safe with improved visibility and security

Table of Contents

Challenge 1: Unreliable and outdated camera system across the school district

Liberty-Perry School District was in need of a new camera system that allowed them to save time searching for video footage across the district’s multiple buildings. With their old camera system, they were wasting hours searching for video footage because everything needed to line up just right to find footage, and they had trouble with the reliability of their old NVR causing footage to get lost.

“We evaluated 10 other systems before Spot AI. As a public district, most of them were too costly and the technology wasn’t enough to justify the cost. Spot AI gave us the opportunity to solve the issues of our old camera system and improve our processes.”

Dale Byrge, Director, Information Technology

Solution 1: Reduced time spent searching for video footage from hours a day to minutes with an AI Camera System

Liberty-Perry School District’s journey with Spot AI started with an easy setup, saving their team hours of setup labor. Once plugged in, their new Intelligent Video Recorder found all of their installed cameras and they were up and running. As they needed to add new cameras, they seamlessly added Spot AI’s IP cameras to their system.

Across the district, they have reduced time spent searching for video footage from hours a day to just minutes and made it easier to get more administration using the camera system.

With an AI Camera System now installed, the IT team has been able to improve efficiency by empowering their Principals and School Resource Officers to use the camera system to monitor live feeds and search for video footage anytime, anywhere.

Challenge 2: Difficulty searching and sharing video footage to resolve incidents

Resolving student incidents were historically a hassle for the school district. From struggling to perfectly match up camera feeds to understand exactly what happened to trying to share the video footage with school staff, Liberty-Perry was stuck without a solution to meet their district’s needs.

Solution 2: Reduced time spent searching for video footage from hours a day to minutes with an AI Camera System

“We’re talking probably five minutes tops now to resolve an incident, and we’ve been able to add School Principals and School Resource Officers to Spot AI so that everyone can see what’s happening across the district.”

Dale Byrge, Director, Information Technology

AI has allowed Liberty-Perry School District to resolve incidents faster than ever. Searching camera footage has become easier than ever. They can quickly move between cameras at any location, search through footage, and layer on Intelligence solutions like People Search, Vehicle Search, and Motion Search. They are able to resolve any incident all from one platform, seamlessly finding the footage they need, using AI to gain richer insights, and finding a solution in a timely manner.

With People Search, they have been able to track anyone coming into their buildings by clothing items like shirt color or pants color. This allows them to create more secure buildings across the district and ensure safer experiences for students and staff.

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