Tidewater Fleet Supply prevents theft in its distribution centers

Tidewater Fleet Supply is a prominent distributor of heavy-duty truck parts and trailers in the Southeast US with 3 distribution centers and 14 retail locations. After multiple loss incidents , the Director of IT realized that the old camera system was insufficient to protect assets company-wide. Since implementing Spot AI, they have:

  • Protected the company against significant loss
  • Unified all cameras and locations onto one cloud dashboard
  • Saved with all-inclusive pricing and $0 camera hardware

Table of Contents

Challenge 1: Loss incidents in distribution centers

Tidewater's initial security system was inadequate for effective incident analysis and theft deterrence. Cameras took hours to search through, they had very limited remote access capabilities, and they would go down without warning. Some sites had cameras, but coverage was insufficient and some sites had no cameras at all. This meant that investigations were labor intensive and sometimes wouldn’t turn up anything at all, making it very difficult to identify past theft and prevent it in the future.

Solution 1: AI-powered search and camera health alerts

Spot AI’s AI-driven search capabilities greatly improved Tidewater's ability to streamline incident investigations. Instant alerts when cameras went down meant that they would never be left in the dark again. They now have a camera system that they can depend on, which is vital for knowing when loss occurs and implementing changes to deter it in the future.

"When you consider the financial impact of the losses, we're saving the company money with Spot AI. Our last system was only accessible from within our network, cameras went down frequently, and it was hard to expand."
Timothy Divers
Director of Information Technology, Tidewater Fleet Supply

Challenge 2: Finding the right standards for a multi-state footprint

Finding a surveillance solution that was affordable and adaptable for multi-state operations was a key challenge, especially considering the need for consistent service and support without incurring high costs. Tidewater Fleet Supply researched some local vendors who could only support one of the multiple regions where they operated, but they needed a standard solution from Florida up to Virginia.

Solution 2: Spot AI’s scalable surveillance model and all-inclusive pricing

Spot AI provided a solution that could support and standardize all retail and warehouse sites in Tidewater Fleet Supply’s portfolio. Spot AI’s all-inclusive pricing model also was a crucial factor in Tidewater's decision-making process. With unlimited users, support, and 5 MP cameras for no additional cost, the pricing was more affordable than the other solutions that they were considering.

"Upgrading every site without having to pay for new cameras was very important for us. Otherwise, it would have been $250 to $500 per camera. With Spot AI we get camera equipment to own 100%, plus replacements at no extra cost."
Timothy Divers
Director of Information Technology, Tidewater Fleet Supply

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