Wayne Transports Monitors Terminals that Support its 800-Vehicle Fleet

Wayne Transports is a leader in the trucking industry, specializing in the hauling of bulk commodities like asphalt, chemicals, and petroleum products. They recently installed Spot AI for enhanced security and operational efficiency across its truck terminals that support a fleet of 800 vehicles.

They use Spot AI to:

  • Resolve illegal dumping, trespassing, and other issues in expansive yards
  • Understand causes of any damage incidents and take appropriate actions
  • See when trucks enter and exit the terminals, which helps verify data captured in e-logs and protect against potential claims

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Challenge 1: Insufficient Coverage for Football-Field-Sized Yards

Wayne Transports faced the challenge of effectively monitoring their extensive truck yards. This included areas like maintenance bays, fuel islands, and remote parking areas, where surveillance was crucial for mitigating vehicle damage and unauthorized access. They received alternate quotes for both expanded camera coverage and LPR-specific cameras that were beyond their budget, but Spot AI’s solution and pricing worked.

Solution 1: $0 Cameras & Scalable Visibility

With Spot AI, Wayne Transports significantly expanded its surveillance coverage. The no-cost camera hardware, cloud dashboard, and easy scalability proved essential in monitoring remote yard areas, playing a critical role in overseeing their vast transport operations.

"We want as much camera coverage as we can afford because we use so many different angles. I’ve told dozens of people in the trucking space to check out Spot AI because it’s provided the coverage we need for an affordable price."
Bill Holmberg
IT Director, Wayne Transports

Challenge 2: Complexities in Resolving Damage & Security Incidents

Wayne Transports needed a more efficient way to handle incidents like vehicle damage, facility damage, and unauthorized yard access.

Solution 2: AI-Powered Search and Cases to Resolve Incidents Faster

Spot AI empowered Wayne Transports with AI-enhanced features for quick incident identification and resolution. Spot AI has been key in providing essential evidence in cases involving illegal dumping, after-hours trespassing, and trailer damage.

"We’ve had drivers take too sharp a turn coming out of the fuel islands and leave a fender behind. That's a $5,000 fix. Had another guy drive off with a hose. With Spot AI, we’re able to catch those kinds of things and take steps to prevent them."
Bill Holmberg
IT Director, Wayne Transports

Challenge 3: Ensuring Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Wayne Transports wanted to use cameras as an infrequent, yet important, measure for providing corroborating evidence in response to possible external claims or allegations. In these cases, cameras would be used for validating information captured by electronic logging devices (ELDs), or mitigate against the possibility of ELD device malfunction. Maintaining accurate records is crucial for safety and compliance as they impact CSA scores, insurance rates, and the frequency of routine inspections.

Solution 3: Search for Vehicles & License Plates

Managers at Wayne Transports can now utilize Spot AI to supplement ELD data, especially in the occasional instances of external claims, allegations, or device malfunctions. In these situations, the system allows managers to easily review vehicle entrances, exits, and movements at the terminal. They can manually compare the timings from the video footage with the data captured in their electronic logs, helping them corroborate critical information and protect against potential claims.

Spot AI also offers multiple levels of License Plate Recognition functionality, with video search by license plate, alerts for specific license plates of interest, and exportable license plate reports. These advanced LPR tools are available to customers like Wayne Tranports, without the need for expensive LPR-specific camera hardware.

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