Camel Express Car Wash + SPOT AI

Reduce time spent on damage claims

Camel Express Car Wash is a high-volume car wash in the Nashville, Tennessee area. They use Video Intelligence to reduce time spent on damage claims and deliver the best possible customer experiences.


Car Wash


Nashville, TN



Challenge #1

A rapidly growing business means more timedealing with damage claims.

As Camel Express rapidly expands and increases the total number of cars washed, so does the number of damage claims that come in and the need to view all locations from one place. On an average busy weekend, Camel Express can see around 20 damage claims.

Solution #1

Spot AI makes resolving damage claims a breeze with the ability to quickly find, annotate, and share video footage.

The team at Camel Express Car Wash uses Spot AI’s Cases feature to ensure that any damage claim that comes in can be quickly resolved. In a matter of minutes, the team members can isolate the video footage needed, annotate the video, and share with customers and other parties as needed to resolve claims.

Camel Express takes this a step further and shares the footage with a customer in a pre-built email explaining what happened and the resolution. They also offer a free car wash, creating a great customer experience out of an otherwise stressful situation.

“Spot AI allows us to log into one platform to view all my cameras and have my team tag me in the footage that I need to see.”

Tyler Slaughter
COO, Camel Express Car Wash

Challenge #2

Not having the ability to view all locations and cameras can be a bottleneck for operations and growth.

With multiple locations across the Nashville area, Camel Express Car Wash was having a difficult time know what was happening across all locations with their previous camera systems.

Solution #2

Spot AI makes it easy to see and search all of your cameras from one dashboard.

Camel Express Car Wash has deployed Spot AI across three of its locations. For Tyler Slaughter, COO of Camel Express, this means that he can see what’s happening now at any location anytime, anywhere. With 30–40 cameras per location, Camel Express is able to gain real time visibility across all of its operations.

Tyler says that “Spot AI allows us to log into one platform to view all my cameras and have my team tag me in the footage that I need to see.” This means he is able to get real-time visibility into any incidents that may occur at any location.

“With Spot AI, we’ve reduced the time to resolve damage claims from 72 hours to within 24 hours.”

Tyler Slaughter
COO, Camel Express Car Wash

Key Takeaways

Quick to set up. Powerful at scale. Proven to improve operations.

Faster claims resolution

Camel Express has been able to reduce the time it takes to resolve a damage claim to within 24 hours, down from a 3-day turnaround. This saves employee time and creates a better customer experience

More loyal customers

By quickly resolving a claim and offering a future free car wash, Camel Express has been able to take a difficult situation and turn it into a way to build future loyal customers.

Optimize team efficiency

With Spot AI, Camel Express leadership is able to train staff on how to quickly and effectively resolve damage claims. This frees up staff from being bogged down in searching through video footage across multiple systems. Instead of wasting time, staff can now focus more on creating the best experiences that build repeat business.

Helping you leverage video footage to run your operations

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