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Maintain CMMC compliance from anywhere.

With Spot AI, Dean remotely monitors operations and employees in a way that meets CMMC security standards.


Warehouses & Manufacturing


Addison, Texas



About Dean Technology

Dean Technology is a leading global provider of electronic products based in Addison, Texas. Dean uses Spot AI to remotely monitor their operations and manage employees — in a way that meets the network security and privacy requirements of a CMMC-compliant, US-based manufacturer.

“We had a legacy NVR, and it really didn’t meet all of our needs. There was limited remote access, so I had to rely on people in the building to relay back to me what was going on.”

Craig Dean
CEO and President, Dean Technology


Easily manage nationwide operations from anywhere.

Dean has manufacturing facilities across the country and a workforce dispersed around the globe. Craig Dean, the CEO of Dean Technology, had to remotely manage his operations from across states. He needed video surveillance that was secure, easily accessible remotely, and allowed his team to monitor and manage multiple facilities effectively.

With regular turnover in the factory workforce, having video systems to help improve training and scaling new workers is essential. The system also needed to meet specific technical implementation requirements that allow the company to be CMMC-compliant.

“We had a legacy NVR, and it really didn’t meet all of our needs. There was limited remote access and didn’t provide reliable access offsite, so I had to rely on people in the building to relay back to me what was going on.”


A modern NVR that enables real-time oversight and seamless incident resolution.

Spot AI's simple, scalable, video surveillance solution that enables flawless remote access, user access controls, and painless expansion. The Spot AI NVR has helped Dean’s management team gain visibility into factory operations, as well as facility security. The ease of expansion has allowed adding new cameras that help monitor factory performance and provide excellent content, which can be used to show them how specific tasks should be performed. Resolving conflicts between personnel is simplified by providing direct records of the facts involved. Dean is also able to monitor and track the performance of deliveries by shipping carriers. The shipping department can also see when trucks arrive.

“We had outdated cameras of poor quality. We were debating buying entirely new cameras. Installing the Spot AI NVR made us realize we didn’t need new cameras. We just needed a modern NVR that could leverage what we already had.”

“Once you have a simple system that actually works, you will want to add cameras to have more visibility into what’s going on. Spot AI makes that incredibly easy. After setting up Spot AI, we realized we should have invested in this sooner.”

Craig Dean
CEO and President,
Dean Technology

Helping you leverage video footage to run your operations

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