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Future-proofing food security

Northland uses Spot AI to stay ahead of shifting FDA and USDA requirements while providing secure remote visibility to warehouse tenants.


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Green Bay, Wisconsin



About Northland Cold Storage

Northland Cold Storage operates 300,000 square feet of refrigerated and frozen warehousing in Wisconsin. In the face of increasingly stringent food supply chain requirements, physical security is a key element of Northland’s operations and regulatory compliance.

“Having a robust camera system in the food industry is becoming commonplace, and Spot has been that robust camera system for us.”

David Pokel
Co-Owner and VP, Logistics

Challenge #1

Quickly resolve incidents, investigate claims, and secure facilities.

Over the past two decades, there has been increased attention on the security of food supply chains in the US. As a result, video security within food manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers is more important than ever. Northland needed a modern camera system to improve daily operations and resolve unexpected eventualities.

“In the food industry, there is a lot of attention on food security. Audits by the FDA and USDA are increasingly asking more questions about food security like, ‘what are you doing to secure your facility from tampering and adulteration?’”

Solution #1

Modern software makes it simple to find relevant footage in minutes.

Spot AI’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy for warehouse managers and tenant managers to find and share footage from a specific date, time, and area. Using Spot AI’s modern search features, Northland can locate relevant footage in minutes rather than days. Incidents are resolved faster than ever, meaning managers spend less time reviewing video and more time serving customers. In the event that a shipment arrives damaged, Northland can consult footage from the moment the product was loaded onto the truck, potentially saving thousands of dollars per claim.

Robust camera systems like Spot AI are valued by Northland and regulators in the food industry as key ingredients for a secure food supply chain. The security and peace of mind enabled by Spot help Northland focus on providing premium cold storage solutions to customers, and serving the community by supporting local food pantries.

Challenge #2

Manage separate camera systems for multiple warehouse tenants.

Northland installed three camera systems throughout their facilities for tenants to use. Each system came from a different provider and was installed at a different time, which meant management had to learn three separate interfaces and visit three physical locations to view footage.

Northland was looking to upgrade but wanted to restrict tenants to only their respective cameras.

“It became a headache to manage three different camera systems.”

Solution #2

Unify existing cameras while providing flexible access control.

Spot AI integrated all cameras onto a single dashboard viewable on-site and remotely, introducing custom camera groups and user access controls so warehouse management has full visibility while each tenant has access to only their subset of cameras.

Management can monitor activity so tenants don’t cross into other tenants’ areas where physical barriers cannot be used. When anything is damaged in a common area, they can check the footage to see exactly what happened. And Spot AI's role-based access control makes it easy to give access to the tenant manager so they can keep an eye on their operations.

“It is a comfort thing for our tenants to know that there is an extra level of security and if something does happen, we can ‘go to the tapes.’”

“It was extremely difficult and frankly embarrassing how long it took to find footage before Spot AI. It took us days and days. But with Spot AI, we can find footage in minutes.”

David Pokel
Co-Owner and VP, Logistics,
Northland Cold Storage

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