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Cloud video surveillance, without the drawbacks.

If you’re evaluating new video surveillance, you find that the market is crowded and undifferentiated. No solution fits exactly what you’re looking for — until now.

spot ai cloud video surveillance is chosen over other network video recorder competitors

Accessing, using and managing video footage in a multi-location business is hard.

There's clunky,
1990's-era software

A mix of camera brands
in multiple siloed systems

Painful IT

Enter Spot.

Plug-in Spot NVR at any location with any mix of cameras and get instant access to them on one dashboard.

Camera Agnostic

Get modern software without replacing cameras.

Industry Challenge

Security cameras are commoditized. But choosing a cloud camera or a VMS still means buying expensive new cameras just to get better software.

Spot Capability

Spot works with any camera that works for you. Avoid vendor lock-in or unnecessary replacements.

plug & play

10 minute installation.

Industry Challenge

Installing new security cameras or a VMS is a heavy-lift. Running new wiring, mounting cameras and configurations can take weeks.

Spot Capability

Plug Spot NVR into your network and our software automates all manual set up steps.

Purpose-built for video workflows

Delight and empower your users.

Industry Challenge

Video surveillance interfaces are slow and hard to use. Finding seconds of right footage takes hours.

Spot Capability

Get a fast and intuitive YouTube-like interface that enables your users to use video for more.

No inbound ports to be opened

Full end-to-end AES-128bit encryption

No cleartext passwords sent over the web

private and secure by design

Secure your video footage.

Industry Challenge

Remotely accessing your video surveillance involves VPN tunnel or explicit firewall port forwarding, exposing the network to vulnerability.

Spot Capability

Have only authenticated users in authenticated sessions access video with built-in enterprise grade security.

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bandwidth friendly and ELASTIC

Scale cameras without constraints.

Industry Challenge

Managing local storage is cumbersome. Streaming video to the cloud from multiple cameras can strain even the best uplink and is expensive.

Spot Capability

Have video streamed only when viewed remotely. Get elastic local storage, with infinite cloud backup for the footage that matters.

Purpose built for all your video surveillance needs

Get remote

Discover what’s really going on in your operations.

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Resolve incidents rapidly

Save hours troubleshooting safety, security and ops issues.

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Unify your video surveillance

Stop struggling with multiple systems.

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Free 2-day shipping + 10 minute install + 24/7 human support.

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