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Solving problems with Video Intelligence

Camel Express Car Wash uses Spot AI to save time on damage claims, streamline operations, and provide world-class customer experiences with every wash.

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Reducing time spent on damage claims

Camel Express Car Wash uses Video Intelligence to reduce time spent on damage claims and deliver the best possible customer experiences.

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Maintaining high standards of warehouse and food security

In the face of increasingly stringent food supply chain requirements, Spot AI is a key element of Northland’s operations and regulatory compliance.

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Standardizing video security across locations

For Bridge33, streamlining video security across their fast-growing real estate portfolio is easy with Spot AI.

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Remotely managing warehouse operations

Ohi leverages Spot AI to increase efficiency and productivity while rapidly expanding its footprint across the US.

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Remote managing manufacturing operations

Dean uses Spot AI to remotely monitor their operations in a way that meets the security and privacy requirements of a CMMC-compliant manufacturer.

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“After setting up Spot AI, we realized we should have invested in this sooner.”

Craig Dean
CEO and President, Dean Technology

You’re in good company

Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on Spot AI.

Our customers are raving about Video Intelligence

“Solved a 15 year problem for us.”

Executive Restaurant Sponsor

“Spot AI was a great find that fit my needs.”

IT Director

“Very quick and easy to find footage.”

Property Administrator

Helping you leverage video footage to run your operations

We want to make your video accessible and useful for you in seconds. Try Spot AI for a 15 day no-commitment trial and experience just how simple it is. You’ll never look back.

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